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EP Review: Phero Pizzle & Martee – Riddim d’ete



Riddim d’ete (meaning the summer rhythm) is an Electronic playlist by Martee and Phero Pizzle that entails all the things you want in summer ; hot women, money, nice cars, parties and in case I forgot to mention, hot women.

Having started music production back in his secondary school days, Martee can be considered a production prodigy, known very well for his intense vibes which draw you deep into his music and make you want to blank every other thing out, he showed the definition of having fun with music on the Riddim d’ete EP, and he has noted that the order in which you listen to the songs also play a huge factor in the way you enjoy the EP.

Riddim d’ete is a 7 track EP, 6 original tracks and one bonus track, with afro fusion, alté sounds, pure afrobeats, the riddim is filled with any and everything you want, and if you want the fast paced to slow paced vibe, listen from bottom, but if you like it reverse start from the top.

Having artists like Teni the entertainer, Phero Pizzle , AD3 and Bhilly put voice to his beats, Martee put together a musical assembly that can be summed up in one word “excellent”.

With over 3000 downloads and streams in the first 24 hours , The Riddim as I like to call it is ear cocaine, the general favourite being Mad. Mad captures the vibe we all want, that keeps you moving your waist and nodding your head to every beat, mad featured Phero Pizzle(the joint owner of the EP) and AD3.

My personal favorites would definitely have to be Same Energy with young thrud and Bhilly and Relax or Something featuring Young Thrud. Same Energy is that song you want to play out loud for the people who only want to use and dump you, the general term being “haters”, Relax or Something is the jam you really want at your party, surely going to have the Girls moving.

Check out each track and their reviews here.


1: Intro (Feat Teni & NotFemi)

Teni’s sampled voice can be heard on this track. Her voice was creatively sampled from her inspirational freestyle “Embrace your struggle”. Her angelic voice blessed and ushered us into this EP. I was wowed when I heard this track. Kudos to the producer.

2: Same Energy ( Feat Refrain, Flez , Bhilly

This is a trap song and it featured an exceptional singer and two extra-ordinary rappers. The song is basically about keeping the same energy in a relationship.

3 – Mad- Phero Pizzle & AD3

The maestro himself (PheroPizzle) can be heard on this track. This track is a club banger and the duo delivered well on this track..It’s a feel good themed track and will surely get you grooving… AD3 wowed us with his catchy lyrics and we hope to hear more of him in the future.

4 – Over Me ( AD3, Neezar, & Flez)

Phero is the King of hooks and the Crown Prince of Afro Pop…You don’t believe this? Hear this banger and be convinced. Kudos to AD3, Neezar and Flez for adding their touch of magic on this track. “I see money all over me, pull up in a Range over, onion booty yen fe pa mi“…Mad mad lyrics.

5 Interlude Feat Dj Lincoln

DJ Lincoln can be heard on this 35 seconds interlude hyping the Pizzle movement..

6: Relax on Something ( Phero Pizzle & Young Thrud

Now this is my personal favorite track on this EP..This is largely due to the chemistry between PheroPizzle and Young Thrud. The chemistry which we’ve witnessed before in the smash hit “WAIT”. Anytime this two link up in the studio, they always deliver real jam. Relax on this track daily…

7: Outro Feat DJ Crow

DJ crow delivers an explicit and a befitting outro for this EP. He produced this track himself. This R&B delivery is top notch and the voice is just too smooth.. This will definitely make our ladies moist 💦😂..

Judging by this EP, Martee is going to be a household name in no time , and martee got this is somthing i believe we will be hearing for a long time.

Enjoy the Riddim, it’s a sin not to do so.

Titsarms..is a webmaster, an author, a JavaScript writer, an entertainer and so on. Follow on IG @Titsarms

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