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Fuck Your Forefathers: OAU Sport Director Replies Student Who Said He Organized A kangaroo Competition



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The sport director of Obafemi Awolowo University ile-Ife “Michael Adewunmi” Was pushed to the wall by a student called “Hillory Oluwaseun Terry” after he said he has just been deceiving the students by organizing a kangaroo Competition (The ongoing inter hostel competition) and has not been able to
improve sporting activities.
See his full words below…

“Mr sport director wat av U done to improve sporting activities on OAU campus apart from dis kangaroo competition U v organised there is virtually no sport director dat did not do this organise sport debates in all of residences, on Greatfm, identity key sport men epp dem to join d school team although Ur tenure s almost gone but U can still do something and lastly look at Ur manifestos ao many av U bin able to achieve abi you are like APC dat will make promises and not fulfil them”

Mr Michael Adewunmi the sport director was quick to reply to this telling the student that he should check his manifesto and point out the one he hasn’t been able to achieve.
See his actual words below…

“If you still have a copy of my manifesto you can post it here and point the one that I have not been able to achieve.”
He continued…
“You call my competition kangaroo I will not talk much about it only if you OAU students that is familiar with the situation of things on campus as far as budget is concern that it has not been approved but am not surprised out of 12 disciples we have Judas ( you can call any of the leadership of the house to request for my budget and see the programs that I have and the ones I’ve used my personal money to execute.”
“Thanks my advice to you sir don’t take pleasure in criticizing someone’s project”

But Mr “Hillory Oluwaseun” was ready for a word battle with the sport director as he wasn’t satisfied with Michael’s reply and began to question him with words which infuriated the sport director to use the “F” word as insults began to spill in Facebook.
See below…


Hillory: U beta don’t embarrass ursef U used Ur personal money to execute project
Michael: Did I collect money from you or you receive any update from someone that am using UNION money or what is your problem Mr man respect yourself I repeat respect yourself.
Am a full time sport man Mr man I don’t believe in all the nonsense that I can’t use my money to achieve what I promise students if you need help you can call me. I don’t want to embarrass you before but i think you need it now for you to come back to ur right senses.
Hillory: full time criminal U mean and U call ursef a leader Oh U want pple to clap for U dat U v done well and lastly it is U dat do not av senses I m not among pple U can run Ur dirty mouth at U beta be careful and use head no…. wat do U even know about governance U r just a oppurtunist and a stupid person.
Fuck U I v said my own U can continue to run Ur mouth.
Michael: CRIMINAL ? LOL if you have any evidence for any of my criminal act send it here for people to see Now I see that your foolishness can not be cured.since you know about governance why don’t you contest? You are a big fool. Mr follower.
Fuck your forefathers.

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