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Why Our Education Standard Keeps Reducing by David Ademola



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Educational Standard getting higher but Educational Quality diminishing like melting Ice cubes. What are the reasons why 21000 out of37000 primary School teachers could not pass Primary 4 examination in Kaduna State of recent?,the reasons are not far from the following:

1. Introduction of the ridiculous Grade 2 Program by NTI years back in place of the original Grades 2 of those days that gave quality teachers.

2. Proliferation of cheat in the conduct of our external examinations from Primary to WAEC level. Cheating and Special Centres have been the order of the day.

3. Government failure to concentrate on External examinations Standard in terms of monitoring and Security,instead they over concentrate on approval to non existing Schools that has no quality but structures.

4. Over concentration on Certificate, there are gifted teachers who can be train on the job but the entry qualification into teaching career in Government Schools does not allow them.

5.No, on the job training for teachers.

6. Poor funding of teachers education. Education faculties being reserved for low achievers.

7. High students population in Government Schools,this kill efficiency of teachers. Home Schooling and private teaching should be encourage and let the proposed well guided external examinations prove real tutors from fake tutors be it in the public or private tutors.

8. Politicising of Education by policy maker to suite tribal and religious interest.
My thought.


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