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What Hurts The Most About Being a Rape Victim In Nigeria – Tope Delano Writes



Nigerian writer, Tope Delano shares her thoughts on what hurts the most about being a rape victim in Nigeria.

Tope Delano took to Twitter to lend her voice to the fight against rape, she reveals what hurts the most about being a rape victim in Nigeria.

She says “having been stripped of your BEING” is not what hurts the most about being raped in Nigeria but what hurts the most is knowing it cannot be shared, s=it has to be kept a secret because the victim would most likely be blamed and asked to just move on.

Tope reveals that the stigmatization associated with rape in Nigeria is a big concern that needs to be addressed. She wrote;

Is knowing that you can not share
It’s knowing that even when you do share, you will most likely be blamed and expected to just move on immediately

It is knowing to prepare yourself for stigmatisation should you decide to share and this, many would rather avoid thus the decision to not share at all and just wallow in the emptiness and pain

Only a few Nigerians are bold enough to come out to say they were raped due to stigmatization.

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