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We’ve all been through it babes.

Those bad breaks up from the person you thought was the man of your dreams,only to be left heartbroken and alone. I’d like to think going through that is a part of the growing process. Nevertheless,when and if this happens to you staying heartbroken forever isn’t the way to go! You’ll eventually get back out there and should start dating again.

After all, doesn’t the old saying go “best way to get over one guy is to get under another….” LOL.

No but seriously,before you start dating someone new, I believe there are few questions you babes should ask yourselves.

Are you with me?
Besides,dating again is like jumping into a body of water unaware of how shallow or deep it is,wondering if you’ll sink or swim. Which makes it much more important to ask yourself a few vital questions before jumping face first in waters unknown.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin Dating Again

1. Am I over my ex?

Though getting out there and dating is just what you need after a horrible breakup,it’s not always what’s best. Especially if 6 months have passed and you are still not over your ex. Not to say that there’s a time limit to when you should get over someone though! The true area of importance is making sure you get over them no matter how long it may take. Closing one chapter and beginning another is much less messy than cross reading the book,trust me.

2. Do I know my worth?

So it’s a no barrier that things didn’t work out and for various reasons might I add. A lot of the time,contributing factors like your former guy not appreciating or valuing you as a person is one of them. It’s important going into the depths of water unknown,that you enter the situation knowing your worth so that this next experience doesn’t end like the last.

3. Am i really open to meeting new people?

So this has to be one of the most interesting aspect of being sure if you’re ready to date. You may be over your ex, know your worth, and all that jazz. However,that may not push you to have a desire to meet people. Sometimes well after a breakup, you may be in a rut so to speak, not entirely ready to begin getting to know multiple people again. It’s better to be in the right state of mind and welcoming, than sever ties with people that could have otherwise blossomed into something magical had you been open to meeting new people.

4. Do I know what I want out of dating?

I believe it’s important to ask yourself this and set goals for what you hope to happen while dating. Doing so is realistic and set you up for success, rather than failure. After all, dating can be a great chance to put yourself out there, but can also turn into something much more tumultuous than leaving your ex ever was. This is because not knowing what you want out of dating can leave you and your dating partner feeling confused, vulnerable and heartbroken. If you are aware of what you want,you can make that clear to those you date, so the colors never stray outside the lines.

5. Am I ready to risk it all and potentially fall in love all over again?

In the end, dating and getting to know someone is a means to eventually falling in love. It’s also a means of potentially being heartbroken all over again. With that being said, it’s important to ask yourself if you’re ready to get on the rollercoaster ride of love if the opportunity presents itself again. I mean who knows? It may not end in tears this time.😘

Written by: Nnah Florence

Joel currently hold the spot as Founder/CEO of PlushNg. He likes spending his free time watching out for the latest movie releases. He is a Journalist, who loves to explore the world through his own eyes. He is a keen learner, WordPress Lover, and an SEO specialist. You could contact him at [email protected]

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