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GUYS ONLY! 6 Romantic Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend This Valentine




It is the season of love and lovers are ecstatic about celebrating Valentine in a very special way. It’s also that time of the year when many single guys want to pop the question every single girl looks forward to!

Hence a lot of marriage proposals occur at this time. In this piece, we will be giving tips on some ways to make that special moment an intriguing one for your bride to be, with real experience of some lovers who got engaged via similar methods and their reactions .


Proposals occur often in restaurants. All you need to do is take her to an exotic restaurant for lunch or dinner date , it has to be somewhere special because it’s a special day!

If your lover is the type who loves to always have family and friends around for her significant celebrations like birthdays and all, then you might have to invite a few members of her family and close friends to dinner as well and brief them of your plans but they must keep it a secret in order not to ruin the surprise.

You can invite her or have her friend invite her over in pretext of another friend’s celebration. But if she is the type who loves private moments, you can take her to dinner alone and brief the waiter of your plans. They know how best to serve her the ring on a beautiful platter. Then you go on your knees and propose.

Christina & Darko

Christina was swept off her feet when the love of her life Darko proposed to her in a restaurant. She shares her experience “On Sunday 4th February 2018 at 3:04pm.

I was given a rose upon entering the restaurant; heard my favourite song by Kelly Price playing in the background; was told our table was ready and then walked into a room full of friends and family!!!

After being in a state of shock for about 15 minutes I heard the words ‘Will you marry me?’ (There was a speech before this but my brain couldn’t process all the information)long story short, I said..yes


Some ladies are just crazy about roses and yes we are! These bunch of luscious delights come predominantly in white or red colours. If your girlfriend loves flowers then all you need to do is mesmerize her with a bunch of roses.

You can hide the ring in the bunch or go down on your knees while she is still revelling on the beauty of the roses and pop the question.

This proposal could be done anywhere like your home, a restaurant , a mall , a park or her favourite spot. Just ensure you hide the roses till you get to the spot where you want to propose.


A lot of ladies love cakes and it’s also believed to be a symbol of love that is why you always find a cake during special occasions like weddings, birthdays and lots more.

This piece of sumptuous delight could be a good tool to propose with, and in this case you no longer need to ask the questions but have it written out boldly on the cake and be sure to be present the moment she receives it because that is when you go on your knees with the ring.

And just like the flower proposal, the cake proposal can also happen anywhere! Just choose the right venue or location that suits you both


This is when you set your mind to blow her mind. If she loves to travel , the destination proposal would definitely do the magic. You can take her on a short trip to any country of your choice but preferably a country she always fantasizes about.

During the vacation, take her to a beautiful restaurant or tourist spot and while she is stuck in awe of her environment , you go on your knees and pop the question! This is a high budget proposal and should be adopted by those who can afford it. You don’t have to break the bank to make her yours forever.


Most guys want to make their proposal phenomenal and they spare no cost to make it happen. It could be a proposal on board a private jet or you just want to pull the kind of stunt Kanye did for Kim.

Better still, get her a very expensive gift preferably a brand new car decorated with roses just like music star Peter of defunct Psquare who proposed to his wife Lola with a brand new Range Rover Evoque and a bunch of roses with a tag that read Will you marry me!

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