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December Holy Ghost Congress 2017 (Day 5) || Songs Of Victory



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Holy Ghost Congress 2017 || Songs of victory (Day 5): Victory for me.
Ministering: Pastor adeboye
Prayer: Father! Please give me total victory tonight in Jesus name….

Song: What a mighty God we serve!!!
Today God gave 12 additional children (8 boys and 4 girls making it total of 40 children I.e 20boys 20 girls)
Announcement:   • There will be a crossover service titled “Enforcing your Victory”.
• January Holy Ghost Service themed “Stronger than your enemies”…..

For some of you your Song is:
Victory victory hallelujah, hallelujah
Victory victory hallelujah
Jesus conquer the devil
Pata Pata!!!
He has given me victory
I will lift him higher
Jehovah, I will lift him higher

I will song unto the lord a joyful song
I will praise his name
For the lord is good

?Bible Text: Exodus 15:1-3
Exodus 15:1 Then sang Moses and the children of Israel this song unto the LORD, and spake, saying, I will sing unto the LORD, for he hath triumphed gloriously: the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea.
15:2 The LORD is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father’s God, and I will exalt him.
15:3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.
Exodus 15:11 Who is like unto thee, O LORD, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?

Two important words Songs and Victory…..
Song: When God created man the original plan was for man to praise God and give him pleasure. Rev 4:11, Isiah 55:12, Gen 1:31
God created you to praise him that’s why u find out that man is a singing animal. So that by listening to the song u can tell what’s going on in his life. E.g
When u hear a man sing we will overcome he has just lost a battle
When he faces a tough battle: Let God arise and his enemies be scattered.
Problems in a office with his/her boss: IJN every knee must bow.

When someone just won a victory: Now thay battle is over now that battle is over I am more than conqueror.

Victory means to win, to overcome in a contest or war the only thing in war is that is either u win or u loose. In war the winner takes all.
As a child of God u need to know u have a determined enemy. I.e he wants to kill, destroy but thank god you have an allie John 10:10

Your enemy the devil is well organised I.e he has an army that are well organised (eph 6:12
But the good news is that your allie is greater than him (psalm 24 :7-10)
Prophesy: By the time you are leaving here your victory will be settled..

Techniques of the devil when he wants to attack:

1. When he wants to attack the time he loves most is when you are celebrating. (1sam 18:5-11, joshua 7,2 kings 2:9-24 )
Keypoint: Whenever you have a celebration keep on praying
Prophesy: Anything the devil has planted in you will be remove IJ

2. ” ” “directly, he does it massively, (Exodus 14:5-28, 2 chronicle 20:1-25, Isiah 59:19
There is someone here tonight, the lord said that the doctor said your system is dying but he has turned the report.
Prophesy: No matter the number of sickness u have, none of them will follow u out of here.

3. He attacks in a way that it will be difficult for u to come out eph 6:11
When the devil discovered he sent a lion, bear, goliath and he saw david kill them all, he then applied wisdom by raising his father in law to rise up against him (1 sam 24:1-6).
What do u do if the one the devil is using is your pastor?, how do u fight such battles?. We should allow God do it himself 1 sam 25:1-11
Prophesy: God will fight the battle for you. If you cant fight that person IJ N
Any relative blocking your way if they dont repent they won’t see the new year IJN.

4. He will use a combination of forces, I.e external forces and I maternal forces (matt 10:39, judges15:1-19),
Keypoint: Some of us have been leaving with family enemies but for our victory to be complete God has to win our battles.
Prophesy: – God said you should relax I already know what am going to do
– God said every law that has been suspended for you to receive your breakthrough will be suspended tonight.
– The lord said your family is in chaos, but from tomorrow morning everything will be normal.
– Leave them to me I will deal with all your false accusers.
– Every family expecting you to die, from now on they will be frustrated
– The time for me to fulfill my promises is now.
– As you enter you the new year you will steadily climb the heal of joy.

5. He tries to turn God himself against you. What do you do? Num 23:1-32
Prophesy: God says your greatness is about to begin
Some people says grace allows you to sin, N.b:That’s the devil talking Number 25:1-9, if God is against you, who is going to help?
Prayer: Lord almighty dont let me be my own enemy.

CONCLUSION: There is something called the final victory, the bible tells us the last enemy to be destroyed is death, your victory is not complete until you make it to heaven, paul said in 2 timothy 4:7-8 I have finished well, I have fought a good fight Rev 15:2-3(Song of moses)
Keypoint: Our victory is total when we make it home(heaven) because if you end well in christ then you will be the undefeated champion
My prayer for you today, no matter how the devill will try you will finish well IJN…….This you can fufill by giving your life to christ.

So if you haven’t given your life to CHRIST and you are not sure of your salvation, pray a prayer of faith and just call on God to save you, receive you and have mercy on you and that from henceforth you will do his will from now on and his blood will wash you clean IJN. Welcome to the family, you can take a step of faith by praying the following prayers below and you will receive your total victory:

• Praise the almighty that you are still alive today.
• Father, all the enemies within please deal with them yourself and in your own way.
• Father, as for the external enemies, those who will not repent among them arise and scatter them
• Father, Make your wall fire round me to remain solid.,
• Please don’t t let me be my own enemies.
• Father let me enjoy peace from now or even in the presence of my enemies
• Please let me finish well.
• If there is any personal battle you are facing, pray to God about it.
• Lord give me victory.

Prayer for the 1st handkerchief: Father, I surrender to u and all that belongs to me for your safety pin.
Prayer for the second handkerchief: Father I receive my victory.
Prayer for the third handkerchief: I am more than a conqueror, so devil stay away from me.

Father’s suggestion: I will suggest you sow a seed of victory before the end of the year or during the end of the year. You can write a cheque and write at the back of the cheque “SEED OF VICTORY”.

Annoucement: there will be Holy communion and anointing service today.

✍?Compiled by Noah O.A

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