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December Holy Ghost Congress 2017 Message (Day 2)



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Tuesday was said to be a night of healing as Pastor Adeboye spoke on victory over sickness and diseases and I pray you will be blessed and you will also receive your healing. See message below:

Holy Ghost Congress 2017
Day 2: Victory Over Sickness and Diseases

Prayer: Father send your word and heal me tonight IJN…..

Song: ?We are serving a God of miracles. (2ce)
I know yes I know.?

Shake hand with three or four people, Prophesy and say the lord will heal you tonight IJN

Number of babies born= 10 (7boys 3 girls)

Daddy: “This is going to be a glorious night.
Tomorrow if the lord tarries is going to be a day of deliverance.”

Bible Text: Exodus 15:26
Topic: Victory over sickness and disease.

When we were younger there is a song we used to sing and I will encourage some of us to sing tonight.

?My head My shoulder
My knees My toes (3ce)
They all belong to Jesus.?

N.B: Sing it three times by faith and you will receive your healing….. IJN

The reason for singing that song which is a of victory is to let you know that:
– God is deeply intersted in your body and not your spirit and soul. (1 Thess5:23, Romans 12:1, 1cor 6:19)

The reason why many Christian are sick is that they don’t recognise that their body is a property of the most high God. This bring upon us the responsibility I.e you have to be careful of how u use this body and it is the temple of the holy ghost.

10 Reasons why I believe you will be made whole:

1. It is God who made you. I.e he is d potter your are the clay Isiah 64:8, Gen 1:26-31, Her 8:6-4 also If anything goes wrong with the body he can repair it Luke 6:6-9

Prophesy: If there is anything in your body that has withered they shall be restored…
You will leave this place brand new today IJN
Prophesy: In the mighty name of Jesus if there is anyone that needs an operation, You will be operated here today.

2. He can handle genetical problems too. Why?
Because he made your parent John 1:3
He knew you before he formed you Jer 1:4&5, Psalm 90:1&2
In the family of God there is no sickness and there there is no disease.

3. He can handle cases that are beyond medicine. Because he will give you what no doctor has. (Mark 5:25-34)
God revealed to me, “Son I am not a doctor, I am a healer.”
Prophesy: Today who can heal doctors will heal u too. Jer 32:27

Action point: Your own will not be too hard for God tonight.
Before I proceed further let me tell one thing that is very important. Many a times people think they are healthy not knowing sickness has been there quietly.
Prayer: Sickness unknown to you will be healed IJN.

4. He is the saviour (Matt 1:21 1John 1:7, Mark 2:1-12)
Prayer:I decree everything you have lost, whatever may be the cause will be replaced.

5. He is sovereign, gracious and merciful (Psalm 115:3, John 5:2-9, psalm 86:15, Lamentations 2:22-23, Mark 1:40-44
I decree cos of the mercy of God, everything wrong with u shall be put right today

6. He still hears and answers prayer psalm 65:2, Jer 33:3, Eph 3:20 Mark 10:46-52
Prayer: Your own will not be too difficult for God to do.

7. Whether you believe it or not he needs you. He needs you:
– To serve him matt 8:14&15
Everything not allow you to serve God fully shall be dealt with tonight
– To witness to people Mark 1:41-45
– To bring him glory….

Prayer: I decree tonight your appointment with death is cancelled IJN

Decree: On behalf of everyone of u committed to serve God there will be no more death.

Decrees: Every prophecy concerning you with death will be cancelled tonight IJN.

I DECREE IJN…you won’t even know sickness.

8. You have been disappointed before but not today John 5:2-9, psalm 102:13

“Lift your hands and say my time has come.”

9. Your faith might not be enough, we will join our faith with yours tonight and mountains shall be move (Matt 18:19, Mark 2:1-12,)

10. Whether you believe it or not God still loves you. (John 15:13, John 11:1-4, John 3:16, Romans 8:32)

Prophesy: Because of the love he has for you, you will be singing songs of victory.

I want to assure you tonight that my daddy said he will do something here today that he has never done before I.e he will today,
Just get prepared by giving your life to christ……So that you can make your assurance sure……..

Prayer points:

– Father thank you for loving me.
– Almighty healer prove yourself in my life tonight.
– Father, just have mercy on me.
– Father, my body is yours, every plant(virus, sickness, disease) you have not planted in this body uproot it tonight.
– Father whatever needs to be repaired in my body, repair it tonight and whatever that cannot be repaired replace it tonight.
– Father, I am in total agreement with all my neighbours tonight, Father ,heal them all
– Give tonight brand new wombs, brains, eyes, kidneys and other brand new organs.

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