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December Holy Ghost Service 2017 (Day 3)|| Songs of Victory



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Deliverance Service

Bible Text: John 8:32&36

Some will sing
?Arise o lord and my enemies be scattered(2ce)
Arise! O lord and my enemies be scattered,
Arise! O lord Arise?
being a song of victory.

You cant detect The strength of a man just by looking at him, some people are very strong but they dont look like it.

Problem with many of us is that we are fighting enemies we can’t see,

When we talk about deliverance, some many might believe delivanrance is not for you but it can be for children, mother, or anyone around you…

Every activity over your children will end tonight.

What are the implications of bondage ?

– Hands tied because very difficult to do things to do.
– When legs are bound, it will be difficult to make progress.
– The area of movement is limited and no room for expansion of coast which will be struggling to survive.
Prayer: Every force working a against your progress shall be dealt with tonight.

Implications of delivanrance:

– If your hands are freed, Restoration becomes rapid I.e restoration of glory Exodus 12:35-36

– When your legs are freed, promotion becomes accelerated and coast becomes enlarged Mark 5:18-20
Prayer: Somebody is coming out of prison tonight.

– Physical, mental, spiritual things begin to happen judges 15:1-15(Story of Samson)

– The enemies within, in law’s house, enemies pretending to be friends will be disappointed.

All those expecting your downfall will fall IJN

-Enemies without will either die or be scattered.
Decree: Any enemy not dead will become your servant (Act 16:25-34,Paul and Silas)

Seven points why am sure you will be free tonight:

– When God made you, he made u in his image Gen 1:26-28, He made you to have Dominion not to be a slave. Mark 5:2-4.
Keypoint: Sin sold us into slavery but we have been redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus christ (1 Pet 1:18-19)
Decree: For every demon there are two angels, and God will send his two angels to rescue you.

I have good news for you God will send delivanrance to you.

– You know the truth (John 14:6, Debut 28:1&7, Psalm 118:17) If you really belong to him, you will be saved.
Prophecy: The lord said i should tell someone that the snake is dead.

There are two types of captives:
• Lawful captives I.e those who Satan rightfully owns
• Unlawful captives…

Either you are lawful or unlawful captives you will be set free IJN and that’s because you know the truth, Isiah 49:24-26.

Say This, “As for me:
• I will live, I will not die
• I will make progress
• I will be free indeed”

– Father in heaven is the stronger man Luke 11:21-22, psalm 91:1, 1 john 4:4,
Decree: Every evil tree in your life, home, village shall come down, cos every plant my father has not planted shall be uprooted.

– Jesus christ can change curses to blessings Gal 3:13-14 Num 23:7-25 , cos one the biggest form of bondage is to be under a curse, d trouble with a curse is that it flows down like a river.
I decree you will be blessed and every curse on your life will be cancelled.
Keypoint: Our father is the judge of the entire universe when he says you are free, you are free IJN.

– Our father can cancel covenant between you and certain forces Isiah 28:15-18

– You are willing to be free Acts 12:5-11

– If only God arise Acts 16:25-28
How do I get God to arise ?
• By worshipping him in spirit and in truth John 4:23-24

Prayer points:

– Father in the mighty name of Jesus, I command every evil force hindering my destiny bow to Jesus tonight IJN.

– In Jesus Mighty Name, I command you satan take your hands off me.

– Father, every evil voice trying to distract me tonight let them be silent IJN.


Ayomikun is a seasoned writer, poet, actor and drummer whose pen is mightier than the sword. He has written stories, poem, script for people and currently an author for Naijaemirates

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