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“You Need A Lion To Fight To Be Stronger Than Your Enemies”- Pastor Adeboye In March Special Holy Ghost Service Sermon 2018



Pastor Adeboye

March Special Holy Ghost Service
Theme: Stronger Than My Enemies pt 3(Give me this mountain)
Ministering: Pastor E.A ADEBOYE

Prayer: Father please don’t let me miss my own miracle tonight.

? Song ?: We are serving a God of miracle
I know yes I know
We are serving a God of miracle
I know yes I know
We are serving a God of wonders
I know yes I know
We are serving a God of wonders
I know yes I know
We are serving a God of glory
I know yes I know
We are serving a God of glory
I know yes I know

? Prophecy:
– Daddy said I should tell you no more fruitless effort.
– As hopeless as the situation maybe before the sun rises, you will sing a new song.
– The enemy thought there is now way you can escape, but God will surprise the enemy.
– Your hunger is for the power of God, even by next Sunday you will see evidence.

“Is going to be a great night, since the special Holy ghost service yesterday the number of children born is now nine with a set of twins today. Making it 6girls 3boys…”

? Annoucement: The holy ghost service in April will be for children and the theme for next month is Stronger than your enemies pt.4 ( Children of conquerors)

Prayer: Father in the mighty name of Jesus, every mountain blocking my way to Joy must move tonight.

Message: Every word that comes to you tonight don’t handle it carelessly, grab it.
Bible Text:
Joshua 14:12 Now therefore give me this mountain, whereof the LORD spake in that day; for thou heardest in that day how the Anakims were there,
Joshua 14:13 And Joshua blessed him, and gave unto Caleb the son of Jephunneh Hebron for an inheritance.

Tonight I want you to join your faith with mine to tell God to give us a sea to cross Exodus 14:21-28, A sea blocked the way of the Israelites to their promise land then something happened the wind blow if God could give us a problem as big a sea the wind of the Holy spirit will blow.
– When the wind blows there will be a way there is now at I have a feeling before somebody gets back home where there is no way there will be a way.
– When the wind blows Acts 2:1-4, Power comes cos Jesus told his disciples you will receive power when the holy ghost is come upon you.(Acts 3:1-8, Acts 5:1-11). The power came and an ordinary fisherman made a decree and it stand.(Acts 5:14-16) cos the wind blew and power the shadow of an ordinary fisherman began to heal the sick. This year you are not just going to be blessed you will become a blessing.

? Decree: From now even your handkerchief will be raising the dead.
? Prayer: Father give me a sea to cross and let your wind blow IJN.

Give me this mountain could also mean give me a wall to cool down. The children of Israel were faced with a wall unless the wall come down they will enter their promise land. Have you been stagnant in your work place, that wall will fall tonight IJN. In (joshua 6:20,) the children of Israel shouted and the wall of Jericho shouted.

Why will I ask God to give me a wall to cool down?
– So that I can have a divine visitation. Joshua 5:13-15,
Cos when there is a divine visitation wombs that have been closed will open. Gen 18:1-14,
John 5:2-9 A man sick for 38years,
Mark 10:46-52 Blind Bartimaeus
Mark 5:35-43

Prayer: If you are visiting two people tonight let me be one of them, let me have a divine visitation tonight.

? Give me this mountain can mean give me a lion to fight (Judges 14:5-6)
Prophecy: Those who are saying to you where is your God will soon be saying are you the only one serving God.

– Give me a lion so that your spirit can pour heavily on me. So that everything I touch will begin to prosper (Judges 15:14-15).
There are some of us who are binded by generational curses, evil covenant, witches and wizard. But when the fire comes down yokes will be destroyed and when that fire comes it has a way of driving a spirit of fear cos one the greatest binding forces on earth is FEAR some of us are afraid to take a step that will lead us to success and empower you to defeat your enemy (2 Tim 1:7).
Prayer: Today, every spirit of fear get out of me IJN

? Give me a mountain can mean give me a Goliath and I will kill him. (1 Sam 17:42-51)- David vs Goliath.
– There is somewhere today among your classmate you are the least but you will be the greatest.
– Let the enemy try they will never discover the secret of your success.
– Before the end of this month the sound of music will return to your home.

Why do I need to kill Goliath:

– So that the world will know the power in your name Phil 2:9-11
– So that the world needs to know through you and through me that there is a name that can uproot any mountain Psalms 90:1-2 and this name works at anytime Psalms 46:1
• Keypoint: You don’t know the power of the name until you come face to face with Goliath.
Prayer: From now on, manifest the power of your name in my life.

? Give me a mountain where there are giants could mean gather all my enemies together in one place so that I can get rid of them once and for all. (Dan 6:1-15) you may not know it but you have enemies form your mother or father side, place of even, even in the house of God. I want God to gather all of my enemies so that nobody will bother me Prov 16:7. There are some enemies that have to go, you can’t beg them cos they are not ready to change. That’s why tonight is so crucial so that atleast for the rest of your life your progress will not be hindered, you will sleep in peace and wake up in peace cos if u allow a single enemy to remain, that one will grow and begin to multiply again. I want a situation in your life that from now all enemies known and unknown particularly those pretending to be your friends will be dealt with tonight.
Prayer: I am your son, you are the lord of host gather all my enemies together and finish them off.

Joshua made a statement saying I have waited 45years I can’t wait any longer” For someone here tonight as the lord lives, NO MORE WAITING. Psam 102:13
– Not too long from now, you will tell your friends I don’t even know the meaning of failure anymore.
– There is someone here tonight the greatest financial breakthrough you have never experienced is coming soon.

There are some miracles that can wait till next year, next month, next week, but when do you want your own? NOW!!!!
Prayer: Father, I want my breakthrough NOW!!!

Caleb said give me this mountain if God just be with me, I will turn this obstacle to a miracle all the giants I will finish them once and for all.

? How can you take off Mountains? Is a matter of connection. Those who say you won’t reach your goal long after you are fine you will be flying high. Every man who conquer death in the bible are those who have connection.
• Example: Woman of zaraphite, Lazarus, Woman of shunamite.
Prayer: Father, don’t let me be disconnected from you.

If you want to surrender your life to Jesus and you want to be connected to him, Genuinely ask God for mercy tell him to save your soul and with faith say the following prayer below.


In case you have given your life to christ, follow the steps in the link above.

Prayer Points:

– Praise God that you are able to man it, praise him for life, praise for your Access to a meeting like this.
– Father let every sea part before me tonight
– Father, let every hindering wall fall.
– Father, subdue every lion under my feet.
– Father, let every Goliath in my family die and never rise again
– Father, from now on let me reign with you in perfect peace.
– Father, let my connection through you be established.
– Your personal request.

There are two types of clapping:

• Clapping
• Applause
Now you are going to clap;

– The first clap is to say thank you for all he has done.
– The second clap is to the shame of the devil.
– The third clap is to jam the enemies.(Psalm 47:1)

N.B: Daddy(God) said you should take note of the cloth you are wearing that whenever you are faced with a mountain just wear it and shout it Hallelujah.

THANK You!!! For staying tuned with us…..Share with friends and families ?

Written by Noah O.A

“You Will Be Running When No Man Pursueth”- Pastor Adeboye In February 2018 Holy Ghost Service

Ayomikun is a seasoned writer, poet, actor and drummer whose pen is mightier than the sword. He has written stories, poem, script for people and currently an author for Naijaemirates

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