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RCCG February Holy Ghost Service: Swimming In Glory (PART 2)



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IMG 20190131 WA0050



The glory of God is light, you can only arise and shine if your light is come. You cannot shine without light and you are not going to get light from Satan, everything associated with him is darkness. You can’t be in darkness and expect light, Jesus Christ is the light(John 8:12). Until you Are following Jesus Christ 100% you are in darkness. The bible tells us in Malachi 4:2 that Christ is the sun of righteousness. Is only if in you are in Christ that you are the light of the world (Matt 5:14). But if you are not one of his own you’re not light and if u are not light u can’t shine.(Matt 4:16). In Isiah 42:6-7 he said he is calling you out of darkness l, he said he will make u a light unto the gentiles. He is calling on you to come out of darkness. (Micah 7:6) If the enemy rejoices over you, the fault is yours. If you want to say bye bye to darkness, life of sin and u want to surrender to Jesus.
(Altar Call)


ARISE!!!! What does it mean? Arise means different things to different people is just a matter of where u are. Before I begin to explain what arise means to different people, the arise in Isiah 60:1 is not an advice but a command not a plea.

What does Arise mean to someone who is dead?

– It means come to life resurrect (mark 5:35-43) I.e Physically dead
– To someone that is mentally dead, he is saying comeback to your right mind
– To someone that is naterially and financially dead it means come out of debt (2 kings 4:1-7)
– If one is dead maritally it could me the marriage is over, the womb is dead, E.g Sarah
– To someone that is spiritually dead it means come out of sin Ephesians 2:1
Basically death is symbolic of hopelessness Job 14:7-10, John 11:20-25

Arise!! to the dead therefore means attack that hopeless situation in your life, refuse to surrender to those who say u can never make it

Arise!! To the one who is sleeping means wake up,it is dangerous to sleep (1 Sam 26:1-14)
When u are sleeping no matter how strong you are, you are helpless (Matt 13:24-28). When u are sleeping the devil can see a seed.

What does sleep mean?

– It means motion without progress. (Proverbs 26:14)
– It means unfulfilled dreams (Isiah 29:8)

Arise to someone who is sitting down, 

– It means stand up
What does sitting mean?
– Resting too soon (1 kings 13:1-5)
The problem with many Christians is that we thought we have arrived
– You used to be a champion now u are irrelevant (Psalms 1:1, 1 Sam 10:1, 1 Sam 16:13, Luke 15:11-19)
I will arise means I will attack retrogression, I refuse to stop until I reach my goal. It is a terrible to be sitted

Word of knowledge: It is doesn’t what d enemy may try there will be no more mourning.

Arise to the one who is standing means:

– Jump to action (1 Sam 16:11-13)
– Begin to move, begin to make progress (Acts 3:1-8)
– Stop being stagnant, (2 kings 7:1-11, Matthew 14:23-29)
– Take a step to fulfill potential, anyone who is not willing to take risk is not willing to go far

To the one who is already walking:

WOK: the lord ask me to tell somebody I have destroyed destroyers before and I will still do it again
WOK: Your greatest worry will turn out to be a false alarm
Message continues….
Arise means starts running (1 Sam 17:39-41). Some of you are already walking but u should begin to run (2 kings 2:1-15, Acts 8:5-8). Running means accelerate, do greater things move faster. If you are tired of making small progress raise your hand to the almighty God and say I will arise.

To the one who is already running…(message pause)
WORD OF KNOWLEDGE: Since am d one building u every effort to pull u down will fail
WOK: The pain came suddenly the doctors haven’t find a solution he ask me to tell u the pain will go suddenly.

Message continues…
– It means begin to fly. You can fly, not as a witch but d Holy spirit can take u to a place u never dreamt possible. It is possible for the Holy Spirit to take you to a height and when you look at yourself you will say only him alone can do it.
Message pause……

WOK: there is somebody here tonight he said you will struggle less and yet increase more
Message continues….
– To the one who is already flying means move from glory to glory 2 Corinthians 3:18 So if u are already flying and people can testify that u are already flying there is still somewhere higher for u to go E.g Peter was healing by hand then move up to healing with his shadow then move up to healing by speaking, then move on to raising the dead by saying so. The almighty God has something higher for you.

I want you to sit down and write down this prayer Point :

– Praise the wonder working God
– In the name of Jesus, I will arise today and God will reverse my irreversible
– I will arise today and God will fulfill all my dreams
– In the name of Jesus I will arise today and God will end stagnation in my life
– In the name of Jesus, I will arise today and God will help me fulfil my potentials
– In the name of Jesus, I will arise today and God will accelerate my position
– In the name of Jesus, I will arise today and God will take me to greater heights
– In the name of Jesus I will arise today and God will move me from glory to glory
– In the name of Jesus I will arise today and begin to shine for the lord
– In the name of Jesus I will arise today and begin to swim in God’s glory

Ayomikun is a seasoned writer, poet, actor and drummer whose pen is mightier than the sword. He has written stories, poem, script for people and currently an author for Naijaemirates

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