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Sermon Of October Holy Ghost Service 2017 By Pastor Enoch Adeboye



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Are you worried you didn’t get hear the word of our Father in the lord Pastor Adeboye?

Then kill that Thought As PlushNG in conjunction With Naijaemirates present to you the message of Daddy G.O

October Holy Ghost Service(Agents of transformation)
Theme: Agent Of Transformation
Ministering: Pastor E.A Adeboye

Daddy: Let’s praise the king of kings and lord of lords, bless his Holy name..IJN…Amen
_Prayer: Father, speak to me tonight because if I hear from you, my life will be transformed**.
??Worthy worthy is the lamb??_
*Daddy:the HGS will be the last Holy Ghost Service of the year with the theme “Victory Ahead”* *in accordance to this, Daddy said the December Congress will be tagged ” Shout of victory* ”
*Bible Text:* Isiah 6:8
The greatest transformation is to change an Animal into a man Matt 15:21-28

Human beings are in two categories and they are subdivided (Matt 15:21-28):
• Children (1 John 3:10):
– Righteous ones i.e when you are a child of God, there is something in you that distance yourself away from sin.
• Dogs (Rev 22:15)
– Liars
– idolatry
N.B: The one that is number one in your life is the one you will worship.
God can transform Humans to Animal and Animals to Human (Dan 4:28-37, John 1:11-12, Luke 19:1-10, John 6:37)
Daddy GO calls altar call

God is the great transformer because:

He can turn darkness to Night (gen 1:2)
He can heal the sick (exodus 15:26)
He can change bondage to freedom (John 8:36)
He can change storm to absolute peace (mark 4:25-31)
He can change tears to joy (rev 21:4)
*Prayer* : You will never weep again
God used man as an agent because there was no one to watch over the earth (gen 1:26-28, gen 2:19-20)

Examples of men God used in the Bible:
– Moses(Exodus 3:-15, Exodus 14:13-28)
Prophecy: Every day of your life, God will be with you
Proclamation:The moment you will lift your hand, there will be a way where there is no way.
– Elijah 1 king 18:21
– Philip (acts 5:8)
Prayer: Where there was no way before there will be a way…In all your cities, very son there will be great joy.

Why Do God make man an agent?
• There are certain catalyst God must have to bring transformation (Jeremiah 33:33, 2kings 4:1-7) He wants people to ask from him Genesis 2:18-25, Genesis 3:1-11, James 4:2
Prayer: Father, hear my cry today and transform my situation IJN…
• Faith in God (Hebrews 11:6) I.e God wants you to show that you even know him at all (1kings 18:21, Dan 11:32 Habbakuk 2:4,Romans 1: 17, Hebrews 10:38, Matt 9:27-30
Key point: When we talk about your faith it must be like that of a child (Matt 18:3)
Prayer: Father I believe in you, please honour my faith
• He wants praise from man because he wants to be glorified (Psalm 50:23), he hates ingratitude with passion (Luke 17:10-18)
When you praise him, he will transform your situation (psalm 67:5-7)
Prophecy: God will sharpen your vision and enlarge your coast
Prophetic song:

??My sun is rising again X2
Thank you my Abba father
My sun is Rising again
My joy shall flow again X2
Thank you my Father
My joy shall flow again
The mountain shall be gone X2
Thank you my Abba father
The mountain shall be gone
My rain is falling again X2
Join me shout hallelujah
My rain is falling again ??

Conditions For Being An Agent Of Transformation:
• He needs your hands to be the same (Mark 15:18)
• He needs your mouth to introduce him to the world (Matthew 28;:18-19)
• He needs your mouth to cast out demons (mark 16:18)
• He needs your leg to go to the whole world (Matthew 28:19)
• He needs you for the transformation of Nigeria (Ezekiel 22:30)

Conclusion: Every agent of transformation
– Must have an encounter with God
– Must have a taste of divine fire (Isiah 6:1-3)
– He needs to be baptise not only with the holy ghost but with fire
Keyword: You can’t be an agent of transformation on your own strength but by the spirit of God

Prayer: Father I am ready, let the fire fall.

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Written by Noah

Ayomikun is a seasoned writer, poet, actor and drummer whose pen is mightier than the sword. He has written stories, poem, script for people and currently an author for Naijaemirates

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