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How To Block Annoying Adverts In Your Android App



Block annoying adverts in your android app 1


It’s no longer a new thing when you hear of adverts, they are ads (AdSense) placed in almost 80% of android games especially in apps. Developer do this in other to earn a token but some times those advert can be so annoying that you do want to get rid of them in other to have a better experience and explore the app more. So today I will show you how to block those annoying advert in your android app,games and browser.

 Have you ever heard of adguard?. Its the app that we are going to use in blocking those advert in your android apps etc.
 How does it work?
Adguard uses local VPN technology to filter traffic without you rooting your device .  After running the app, it immediately starts to filter all your Internet bandwidth quietly and quickly.
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Steps to use adguard to disable advert!

First download the adguard app here install and launch it.
Go to Advance settings >Filtering method and select high-speed.
Go down to filtering mode , I recommend you choose local HTTP proxy, but if you are not rooted choose Local VPN. (Reason why you should choose Local HTTP proxy because you can’t use a VPN together with Adguard if you choose Local VPN)
Go to general settings and tick Adguard Autostart ( what this does is , it makes sure that Adguard is always running when you reboot your device)

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