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How to Setup Facial Recognition on any Android Device



face recognition

Some might have felt intimidated by friends because of the unavailability of the Facial recognition function on their Device. In this article, we will show you how to set up face recognition on absolutely any Android device with quite some easy steps.

face recognition


We would take a moment to explain what facial recognition is and more importantly what value we think YOU can get out of it.

Facial Recognition is a Security Setting used to Unlock a device by allowing the device to recognize your Face. Majority fancy this security option because of it uniqueness, as it doesn’t allow unauthorized access or guesses except for the owner. Follow the steps below to see how to setup face recognition on virtually every Android device.

How To Activate Facial Recognition on Any Android Device

With these few steps you would be able to activate & Set up the facial Recognition setting on your Device.

  • Open Your Setting App
  • Navigate to Security

IMG 20190202 094726 172

  • Open the Smart Lock Settings
  • Confirm your pin
  • There are Quite a number of functions here, but according to our title we are focused on Facial Recognition, So Select Trusted Faces

face unlock android trusted face 2

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