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The next WhatsApp update is Scary – Why you should uninstall WhatsApp from February.





Why you should uninstall WhatsApp from February 8th and consider other instant messaging apps that respect your privacy.

WhatsApp recently introduced its updated Privacy Policy in January 2021 that you need to accept by February 8th to keep using the app. The privacy policy has created some confusion among everyone with its controversial changes.

Firstly here is the WhatsApp Privacy Policy for December 2019

We can see the first line which reads “Respect for your privacy is coded into our DNA. Since we started WhatsApp, we’ve aspired to build our Services with a set of strong privacy principles in mind.” has been removed in the January 2021 Privacy Policy.

Look Below!.

What Data will WhatsApp collect?

Of course your WhatsApp messages are still encrypted from end to end but other things like your Phone name, IP address, Time Zone, Payment Transactions, About info and other private things are collected and sent to Facebook.

What Data is shared with business accounts?

Once you message a business account on WhatsApp, your data is shared to several people.

WhatsApp business works with third party services which means your Data is shared to Facebook, Instagram and other 3rd party apps. This is why when you message a business account selling a product, you will start to see Facebook and Instagram Ads marketing that same product to you.

According to Beebom we now witness WhatsApp the Facebook Company. I Believe now is the best time to move to other Messaging apps that still Respect our privacy.

WhatsApp Alternatives that still Respect your Privacy

1. Telegram. DOWNLOAD LINK

2. Signal Messanger DOWNLOAD LINK


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