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Nigerian Man Expose Wife Who Brought Another Man’s Child To Their Home



A bastard can never have a place in my bloodline’ – Nigerian man accuses his wife of 12-years on Facebook of bringing another man’s child into his house.

A Nigerian man, Bob-manuel Don-christian has taken to Facebook to call out his wife of 12-year accusing her of gross infidelity.

According to his story,

‘for all of you who think for some time now that I have gone berserk, I would like to bring to your knowledge that I have for 12 long years been responsible and a good husband and also a good father. Today I would love to go public by making it known to all who think am crazy, to know that for 9 years my estranged wife could not give me a man child, until she had to hire a priest of Baal to sow a seed of wickedness in her which she tried to implant in my dynasty’.

‘however, today even the Almighty who knows my heart brought this wickedness to my knowledge and for this, I thought it is the right time to set the records straight. If there be reasonable people with a wholesome fear of God, somebody should tell this wicked desperate harlot of a woman to take the child to his father.

A bastard can never have a place in my bloodline. No wickedness done against the chosen of God will go unpunished. I have decreed and it shall stand. The evil conspirators will never know peace as long as they walk. I have made a covenant with the earth that everyone who is part of this treachery and dishonor done against my happiness will go mad.

If I be a chosen of Yahweh, before the fall of September these things shall begin to happen.
If I have served the Almighty with trembling fear and with reverence no man will go free of my decrees.

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