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Write-Up Wednesday

Late Write-Up Wednesday|| EmotionsII by Jide



IMG 20171101 WA0022 2

Picking it up from the week before


..Dismayed, I was broken
Her actions continued to play in my head like a tape
But then I saw her!
She was my superhuman in a cape
Her eyes said the whole message
Her cute dimples sent goose bumps to my skin
Her beauty continued to make my head spin
But no! I wasn’t gonna trust, not again!
She threaded towards me while I looked on like a dummy
She picked my hands and I subjected like she was my mummy
There was something about her, definitely
She talked to me with all kindness and meekness
While I answered with all sincerity and without obscurity
I believe she was my Messiah, she patched me up
I knew I would never eff this up
I am forever grateful to her
She picked me up when I needed love
More than an algebra problem that needs to be solved
I just wished there was some way I could repay her

I told her my story..
She listened to me with so much intent
Another quality that made me fall so head over heels in love with her
I know I messed up but she never scolded me
But instead she moulded me to become the MAN I am today!
I’d forever love her..



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