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PlushNG Write-Up: Original by Mide Abayomi



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The incarceration of a gaoler with an orange suit on is better than the marooning of a four oh four whom has been thrown cold water on. Though the former is on lockdown, at least he isn’t lost in the crowd.

Never give anyone the chance to intimidate you, not even by their good looks. Though their dear clothes and shoes may dazzle. Don’t be had, these doesn’t determine their altitude. Thus, you need not feel belittled.
That dude next door you’re striving to impress, wants nothing but your simplicity. So, you need not borrow even though you’re in the university. It’s an act of impertinence. Being yourself won’t cost you anything.

If only you knew that you’re sui generis, you’d stop being overly obsessive with your favorite celebrity. Stop pursuing their every activity, you can’t be like anybody. Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy. Remember, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything. Your favorite footballer whom you want to be exactly like, doesn’t even know you exist.

Strive to be better, otherwise, you’ll end up being a try hard. I know it seems as though I’m being cruel to be kind. The truth is, we’ve got our lives in our hands. You might be a four oh four lost in the crowd; it’s not too late to be found. Make like a baby and head out.

Let this year be a fresh start. Shun pretence and fake living. Be someone whom others want to be like not the reverse. Be original!
Have a lovely year ahead.

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