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Write-Up Wednesday

Write-up Wednesday || A Lady’s Memoir



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Once again it’s a new day dawn,

To my subconscious did my unconscious suddenly succumb,
My time telling me I was late,
Then it dawned on me that I had lost you;

My heart and soul began to bleed and linger in pain,
I started reminscing about those times of blessed memories,
I remember your subtle touch that exonerated me;

The feeling of euphoria and ecstasy that enshrouded me when I welcomed you in,
That same feeling of pleasure and sensation when I took you in and out,
You are irredeemable, irreplaceable and irremediable;

Now more than ever do I need you
I stink without you and of course who wouldn’t stink?

Who wouldn’t stink when a much needed job is about to slide away because of you?
Who goes to an interview without brushing her teeth?!

I have to find you, where are you?
Where have I kept you? You silly toothbrush!

Annotated by Joseph N and Deji.

Joel currently hold the spot as Founder/CEO of PlushNg. He likes spending his free time watching out for the latest movie releases. He is a Journalist, who loves to explore the world through his own eyes. He is a keen learner, WordPress Lover, and an SEO specialist. You could contact him at [email protected]

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Heazy Black

    October 25, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Can’t stop laughing, fantastic piece

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