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Write-Up Wednesday

Write-up Wednesday || A Letter To My Younger Self By Joseph N



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“Time is inevitable, you can’t cheat time and neither can you change your past”, This is a obvious truth. As I grow I’ve come to realize that though I cannot change the past but I can learn from it. That’s the best thing I can do to myself, looking back at each year, each month, each day, each hour and each second and taking each one as a case study. Where I did right and where I made a complete fool of myself. There certainly are regrets but not too many regrets if I must say.

The biggest fulfillment in life is when you look back and realize that there are few regrets. I’m still young, getting to understand life better, but the thought of myself when I was much younger still strikes me. I knew nothing about life and all I can think of right now is me wishing I had opened my heart to understanding a few things that could have transformed me. But NO! The ecstasy of being an adolescent almost wiped my skull off. I’m battling with a tear as I write. I say to my younger self:

Dear Younger me,

I’ve searched deep down into your soul and all I can see is a light. A hidden light. I’m sure there are a lot of things you possibly don’t know, so many questions you want to ask but your lips can’t find the right words to describe what you want to know. No one seems to care about how you feel and all you do is pretend like it doesn’t hurt. You hear noises about what life is and how people say they discovered themselves yet you’re lost in despair.

Younger me, I wish you would turn deaf ears to what others say about you and focus more on what you think of yourself. See each day as an opportunity to discover yourself and make things right, try to learn over and over again till you just can’t stop learning. See yourself with your own eyes and love yourself from your own heart.

Younger me, don’t spend too many days and years trying to please others and be what they wanted you to be when you know deep down in your fragile heart that you deserve more. Don’t spend hours working on trying to comfort others when you know that each piece of your own heart is falling apart.

Younger me, be thankful each day when you open your eyes to a new light, your nose to a fresh breath, your ears to the sound of the birds, your mouth to the need for a taste of a scintillating meal and your mind to another chance to correct your errors. Be thankful for the house your live in, for the shoes on your feet and for a thing to cover your shame. For when the heartbeat stops, it’s over.

Younger me, try not to focus on things that are not meant for you but focus on the blessings each day has to offer. Don’t envy the rejoicing of the rich and ignore the pains of the poor. Life is like a dice that when rolled you can’t predict the outcome. Be satisfied with the little you are blessed with so that you’ll be able to manage the many things that will come your way.

Younger me, you have to know that the world isn’t something that was destined to be, it’s here because people no smarter than you have the courage to build it. And I see the light because you are different, you are destined to be here at this particular time and at this particular age. You have to realize why you are here and learn to challenge what is, what was and what would be. You have to take chances so that you’ll spend less time wondering what could have been.

Younger me, you can’t afford to lose sight of your purpose. You can’t afford to give up after failing at several attempts. You have to believe in your greatness, you have to earn excellence. If you don’t first believe in yourself it will be a waste if others believe in you. No one can earn you the sky. You have to fight, you have to stay positive. You have to be nothing less than you were meant to be. You have to be a warrior and fight the toughness of this world. You can’t afford to lose.

Younger me, don’t lose sight of where you are coming from and where you are headed. Don’t let your current success drain you so bad that you can’t see the doors to other successes. Don’t let little things consume your time and emotions as time is the most precious commodity on earth and emotions are slaves to your thoughts, and you are slave to your emotions. Never get distracted by little things that you forget who you are and what means the most to you. Everything else gradually washes away.

Younger me, see the world as a tragedy to those who feel but a comedy to those who think. Reflect on how far you have come, think and if possibly rethink and restrategize. The world won’t help you but drown you, do not only feel for the society but think about what you can do to help. Complaining won’t let you see the solutions that lie ahead as your heart will be soaked in blurry vision. Set your brain to the task of providing solutions to answers. And you’ll get answers to why you exist.

Younger me, you have to learn to play the student so that you’ll be confident to learn to take risks as risks aren’t taken until you experience regret. Don’t spend time beating the wall hoping to transform it into a door, be realistic with yourself and your goals as time flies like an arrow. You have to let yourself get lost so that you can discover who you truly are.

Younger me, I’m sure when we meet in years from now I’ll give you a pat on your shoulder and say, “You’re a proud child of mine”. Help wipe away my tears and give me every reason to smile again. I know you can, it’s in you. You are me, I am you. We are human.

Joel currently hold the spot as Founder/CEO of PlushNg. He likes spending his free time watching out for the latest movie releases. He is a Journalist, who loves to explore the world through his own eyes. He is a keen learner, WordPress Lover, and an SEO specialist. You could contact him at [email protected]



  1. Heazy Black

    October 25, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    Wow, too long but it was worth it

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