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Write-Up Wednesday

Write-up Wednesday || Damsel in Distress By Afolayan Phillips



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Females have been really maltreated and Afolayan Philips has come up with a Damsel In Distress. The poem no doubt will definitely leave you in awe and wanting for more, as it talks about the Agony and pain of a Girl in her world. Read and enjoy!!!!!

She cowered under his murderous glare
The hands that held her lovingly now dare
Eyes that once looked upon her with besotted affection
Now become the cause of her depression

Arms that she hitherto sought comfort in
Now she detests more than anything
No longer satiates, but destroys her dignity like fire
And her heart now detests that which she once desired

Now all she has are the scars
And she wishes him locked behind bars
For it was too late when she realized
That her seeming angel was a demon in disguise

His words, like a rushing flood which carries everything in its path
Is no different from the utterance of a psychopath
Aimlessly she walks, hardly noticing the throng
As consciousness fades, her mind plays a sad and tuneless song

Dedicated To Victims of Domestic Violence


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