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Write-Up Wednesday

Write-up Wednesday || I Crave (Episode 1&2)



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Episode 1

The lips which will be markedly full and red are drawn back from the teeth which gleam long, sharp as razors, and ivory white. -Montague Summers.

Juanita heard the woosh of wind by her right. Her muscles tightened, she tensed, she wasn’t alone, she was in danger! She cursed as her breathing pattern got harder and faster. Another woosh by her right. Whatever was moving was fast. Way too fast. For the first time in her life, she was really scared, her blood became hot, her hands grew limp, her knees gave way. She wasn’t doing this, something was controlling her, she struggled to gain control of her body but the more she tried, the more she spiralled out of control. She was kneeling now with her hands dropped beside her.
She felt a force snap her face forward. Her face was fixed to the front. She felt forces drawing her body and keeping it hooked to the ground. She stared in horror. Her blue eyes became grey.
A flash of red light beamed and gave way to white light. She could see a man in a black shadowy gown, his face was hidious like a burnt cracked clay pot, his hair was pitch black. He fixed an angry gaze on her then smiled sinisterly.
He drew Juanita closer to him with his fingers and tilt her neck, her blood smelt tantalizing which made his canine tooth grew longer and sharper. He forced himself to her, had sex with Juanita -He was a sadomasochistic ( person who enjoys both inflicting and receiving pain for sexual gratification)
sex, he bit Juanita’s neck, he injected his venom(poison usually injected to a prey) into her bloodstream. She felt weak, she couldn’t resist and her skin began to sparkle like a diamond.

Juanita Walcott, a 23 year old woman was born and raised in Virginia, she was from a poor family though loved by most people because of her beauty, politeness and generosity. She was good at sewing clothes and drawing things related go nature which made her enjoy going to the forest alone to draw the trees and animals. Juanita was a single mother, the name of her daughter was Miranda. Miranda was 5 years old, Juanita was always proud of her daughter because Miranda was very brilliant, intelligent and beautiful. Miranda was Juanita’s weakness.
Juanita’s best friend name was Vicky, they were friends since high school.

Episode 2

>Vampires get the joy of flying around and living forever, werewolves get the joy of animal spirits but zombies, they are not rich or aristocratic, they shuffle around, They are a group phenomenon, they are not very fast, they are quite sickly. So what is the pleasure of being one?Margaret Atwood

Sandra, a werewolf with flowing white hair, a body to die for, she is 5’9 inches tall. She had brown leather wears on her, she looked like a warrior. She sensed that there was a newborn vampire in the forest which made her paranoid. Vampires are a big threat to the werewolves because of their immunity to vampire venom. She needed to find this newborn vampire and kill it because there was somethibg she couldn’t figure about this newborn vampire, she sensed that this newborn will be a powerful vampire.
Sandra ran, trying to trace the venom of the newborn, her heartbeat began to beat faster, she was having a strange feeling.

She was turning into her werewolf form, her hairs stood up, her claws formed out of her fingers, long wolf tooth formed in her mouth. A little black hair shot out of her skin and her body size doubled, she was wolfing while running, she sort of felt safe while she was in her semi wolf form. Her clothes ripped off her already tripling hairy body, she roared. Her head sparked! Hot blood ran through her veins. She wanted to kill that newborn. Her wolf rugged sharp teeth shot out. Her steel strong fingernails crept out. Her face was in a grimy scowl, she was going to attack soon.

Juanita was able to endure indescribable pain after she was attacked by the unknown vampire. The vampire had injected his venom while sucking her blood of which the venom made its way throughout her body system and to her heart. It burned all the veins in her body until her heart stopped beating. The venom moves slower than blood because it is thicker. The venom saturated every cell in her body.

Juanita woke up and felt a sharp pain, she felt renewed, she growled, hissed and snarled. She was confused about her new ability, she was thirsty but she craved for blood, it was overwhelmingly and relentlessly painful, she felt fire in her throat, she was transformed, she craves for BLOOD and she was a newborn vampire.

Do you want to know what became of her after been a new born vampire ?? Then stay tuned for Episode 3&4 next Wednesday

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