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Write-Up Wednesday

Write-up Wednesday || Bold by Mide Abayomi



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Mide Abayomi is back with another mouth watering Write-up after successful writing of Shattered Heart which got some of our Readers to Make a Re-think of their Relationship with Family and Friends. We are Very Sure The depth of this piece will make you read till the end.


He stopped paying attention to the judgmental words people said about him and everything changed. Overwhelmed with confidence, he walked like a king, all dogged up. Surprise flashed in their eyes as they wondered if he was the same person they had spent all year humiliating.

For you to discover who you are, you need to discover who you’re not. He chose not to be intimidated anymore by those fastidious beings. “I am not a failure and I can’t accept defeat. I wasn’t born a loser and from today, I cease to be a loser!” He encouraged himself with these words after much introspections.

A wise man, Gandhi said, “you can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it”. He realized, he let those ill words get to him. The truth is, people will talk about you but don’t let what they say define you. No matter how hard you try, you can’t please everybody. After all, you weren’t created to please anyone but HIM. A popular artiste said, “If nobody talks about you then you’re nobody”. You’re being badmouthed because you’re relevant. Remember, those who talk behind one’s back will always be at the back. Don’t live your life to impress anyone but HIM.

The sooner he realized his havingness, the better for him. The earlier you realize your self-aggrandizing qualities, the better for you. Carry yourself like a king/queen because you count and you’re not a failure. Therefore, be bold!
It is at this point I’ll drop my pen.

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