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Write-up Wednesday || Complexity of Love by Aruleba Robbert



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The complexity of love is a bittersweet sensation we feel beneath our gut. It is the power we give another to hurt or love us.

In the blink of an eye, you witness yourself falling in love with someone who was once a complete stranger to you; in those moments, you begin to ask yourself questions you completely can’t answer. You need to understand that we don’t ask to fall in love with someone. We just do.

A friend of mine once told me she ‘liked being single.’ She claimed she was happy being alone, but what she failed to understand is that when you are in love, happiness is infinite. The happiness we feel alone is nothing compared to that which we would feel when we are in love.

We all dream of that person who would someday come our way and allow us witness the beauty of what life has to offer in terms of being love. Some find that person and bask in the adulation of the beauty they possess; others find that person and fear what they have found.

Some individuals say random things like, “He isn’t the wealthiest of men but I love him so much, because he makes me feel like I am the best thing that has ever happened to him. He shows me boundless love and care.”

Another set of individuals also say random things like, “He is very wealthy but he doesn’t show me he cares. He just spends and he is gone. No sign of affection or love.”

You will agree with me that both individuals are facing the complexities of love where one has little or none but contented while the other has almost everything but isn’t near contentment.

We all want to be loved by someone but the situations we sometimes find ourselves aren’t always favorable. The idea of being with someone who is “everything” we always wanted is the sole complexity of love; because the honest truth is that it is almost impossible to find such a person.
We unfortunately concoct such ideas in our minds. Don’t get me wrong, true love is real but it has its own blemish.

We avoid the complexities of love by forgetting the negativities and smiling at the positives. For instance, when a loved one of upsets us, the utterance “I am sorry” wouldn’t condescend any party. It will not belittle you in any way but show compassion and love. We can also avoid complexities in love by learning to find contentment in each other.

We must learn to accept people for who they are and also learn to either live with their flaws or ignore them.

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