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Write-Up Wednesday

Write-up Wednesday || Family By Noah Oduyemi



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Family are so dear to us, and in view of this Noah is here with a poem that will make us connect our paths to our family and make us love our family.



You are the backbone to our lives
You pillar your support and see to our need
Yes, once I was a stranger you gave me a name
I was naked for you covered my nakedness



You cover our shame
Even when we are to blame
You correct us
Even when we are at fault



How great art thou
I find joy whenever am with you all
For when i was a toddler you nurtured me to a child
Now a teenager I seek your advice cos you are our elders



Are a bond of joy
Planted and unveiled by God
You correct us when we go astray
And make sure we always pray when we are far away



I wish I could go on and on
Cos being with u all is fun
But to continue this pleasure
Let us see to it our family knows christ
So that we make heaven when the day is last

For that is also part of the king’s business
As it requires haste and being chaste(pure)


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