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Write-Up Wednesday

Write-up Wednesday || Shattered Heart By Mide Abayomi



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Shattered Heart

” I’d have called you heartless but that would be an understatement. Your selfish self is growing into becoming notorious day by day. Your haphazard way of doing things have caused you a whole lot. Sick and tired of my waiting for you to change into a better person. “change is the only constant thing” but it seems this statement is not applicable to you.

Oh! Poor you! Growing old as the year passes by and you’re still as absurd as the way I met you when I came into this world.
Why? I demand an answer? Why is there no iota of love in your uncircumcised heart? You claim to know what love is but it is at this point, I believe that age doesn’t define knowledge. If love entails selfishness, lack of care and the likes, then I never want to live in a world of ‘love’.

Poor woman! It’s funny how she became head over heels in love with a monster in disguise. “All that glitters isn’t good” after all. Now that it’s too late to turn back, she’ll have to spend her eternity miserably. I can’t! Because I’m not the one with the ring on.
You are as good as dead. Sorry can’t fix my shattered heart. My heart is scarred as a result of the hurts, tears and misery you put us through. Sometimes, I wonder how a man could have such a dead conscience. I hope you become a better person but until then, you have no daughter. Goodbye!”

Based on a girl who lacked fatherly care.

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