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What You Should Look At Before Investing In Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)



What you should look at before Investing in Cryptocurrencies

This is 2019 and every one is somehow are involved in cryptocurrencies one way or the other.

Some big firms are joining forces with currencies that could be useful for them in the future, some of them are making their own currencies.

With all these currencies coming up, it would become really hard for users to see what is the currency that will overtake all the other currencies in the market. In this article, you will be shown on what basis you would want to invest.

Firstly before we proceed, note that this article is just a prediction and cannot be something you would want to blame if something does not go as stated.

What you should look at before Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Things To Consider Before Investing In Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)

1. Currencies With High Specifications

We have a ton of currencies that have high specifications like the transaction speeds, block size, security level, costs of transactions, level of anonymity. Some of the currencies we would recommend checking out:

  • IOTA
  • Stellar
  • NEO
  • Encrypted Dollar Coin

2. Currencies with high recognition

Having a very saturated market, it becomes very challenging to find out who accepts and is ready to trade in what currency. Here are our top picks based on the current market share:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Cardano

3. Currencies with greater scalability & Future

Even the currencies that have high specifications can fail if they do not have a good future planning or space to grow, some of our recommended currencies are the ones that are backed by high-level firms, with greater growth plans and reach. While some are focusing on being accepted vastly everywhere, some are focusing on being more user-friendly and empowering. while some are focusing on creating a new market where other currencies would depend on them, the others are focusing on how they could change the way the world works. Here are some of our top picks.

  • Ripple
  • Encrypted Dollar Coin
  • Stellar
  • IOTA

We have selected some of the strongest contenders and have placed our bets on them, what are your favorite currencies and what do you usually look at before investing? Feel free to comment below.

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