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Olamide – Bugle



Olamide Bugle Mp3 Download

Olamide Bugle Mp3 Download + Lyrics & Video.

Ybnl’s Boss Olamide is out with A brand new Rap Song titled “Bugle”.

Stream & Download Bugle By Olamide Below

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Olamide Bugle Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Eeni, eeji, eeta, eerin, aarun, eefa, way masun
The way I get to introduce myself, they call me son of a gun, I can shoot myself
But I be odeshi, I bullet proof myself
Mc tori hammer, nail full my shelf

Arggh, all these rappers whe Dey do like chef
Fela ti se gbedu to ta funmi when I kpeff
Son of a B!tch when they see me, (?) Wyclef
Everything is alright until when I left, emi ti mo Blow ti mo de yankee

Bi Atlantic Ocean, omo to soji, omo to fi flows to fi de napkin, to n drop Sh!t, to’n throw way to fi de yankee
Sick flows tun lo repete bi ti patient to wa Lori sick bed, wa’n la ti ni patient

Landlord no Dey pay rent o ti di ancient
T’arugbojo to’n fi duvet never shey tent
To’n nawo ya, to’n nawo ro, to den get money ju yin lo eje a gboro
I switch my flows anyway that I feel, emi mo fe kole, emi mo mo iyepe ti ma fill

E’n sanwo omo go, e’n pariwo, baba 70 lemi, mi o kin se alariwo
Madam spicy over, 2 by 6 jerin, je’n shey bi 50 ki’n cover pelu erin ahn ahn ahn ahn ah a
Dem no Dey fight for rights when person Dey drive

You gats Dey drive for the people whe you see for your side, your front your back and the ones for your mind
Some people no get joy dem ready loose their lives

Some Dey rush go home dem wan go popo their wife, ahn, dem wan go popo their wife
Mo’n flow gan bi eni to ni OCD, mi idoti bi furo to ti jin

Mi o like oyinbo, I swear I go pidgin
We chill with chill flows, go meeting and go vigil
Excuse, this is the way I feel about all these boys whe Dey show like film

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Whe Dey do like day we no Dey know person
Whe Dey buy guess for YouTube, to’n fI’ra won se sin
Won tan yin, eyin na tan abela, e fe shana wole, e fe buga Shina Peller
E fe ko peyin ni legend, e fe dabi Fela

Elete loruko yin, surname yin ela
Ma run wan lapa, ma run wan lese, ma gun wan bumbum, ma gun won leke
This kids think we here for fun okay, gunshots ibon eyo kan loke, ema sare kaba kaba ema fese fe

Ema sare dele yin ema pe mummy daddy re
This is not a F.ucking cypher, ogun lo’n kan lekun yin omo ase how far

Teba lo se bi were won ma lu yin bante, tomorrow ni mi what I hold wo, nobody can tell
Eruku to kiri titi to tu pate, mi o gang gang jhor i gat my F.ucking cartel

They say I am this say am that, that am a F.ucking devil
Five hundred thousand feet above the sea level, won gbe won yan bi garri lebu
But dem no Dey drop Sh!t, won laun bi ijebu
Ain’t not a day I am ahead of the game, they hate me and love me and that cannot be G.ay
To ba de lo je G.ay, mo ma ge won lege, mo ma ge won welewele bi omo agege

Cos I gat Sh!t to flow and I gat Sh!t to say so what they saying
If they gat Sh!t to say, le’em say tell them that am wave

Flow yin ti ba so bi ti bread agege, Osandi Owendi biti Olisa Debe
Mo ma fun ni forun e ma sare kigbe, eni le soro mo bi eni tori kegbe
Mike Tyson o da to Mohamed Ali, me I flow like butter fly and I sting like bee
Me I no get joy me I no happy, me I do reggae, hip hop and r n b
Mo de le flowwwwwu (?), mo de le blow moF.ucking niggas yo!

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