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12 Money Heist Characters Ranked From Worse To Best



Money Heist Unknown Facts

The hit show Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) has created some of the most intriguing characters on television. They may be thieves but even thieves have personalities with some more likeable than others. Here is how they rank:

Spoilers Ahead!

12. Auturo

He may be a hostage in the heist but you have no sympathy for him at all. He is a cheater, rapist, and very troublesome for both the hostages and thieves. Also, you have to be a MAJOR attention seeker to voluntarily jump back into a heist.


11. Palermo

He may be the leader of the group for the Bank of Spain heist, but unlike Berlin he has no charisma. He is also one of the reasons why Nairobi was killed.


10. Tokyo

The main character has never been so unlikeable. As much as you root for Tokyo, her impulsive nature always screws up the plan. This has gotten the group into a lot of trouble. The worse was getting Maslow killed.



9. Denver

He seemed like someone that is agreeable with but in Season 3 & 4, he got obnoxious. His dark side started to show when he shot an innocent hostage wearing a bullet proof vest just to scare him. He gets points for his laugh though.


8. Rio

Rio was suppose to grow up normal but unfortunately fell out of line and in love with Tokyo which eventually ended him up in a torture jail cell. If only he wasn’t so clingy.


7. Monica/Stockholm

She is the most empathetical of the group which is good for a group of thieves with aggressive personalities. Her only downfall is leaving her 2 year old son in a foreign country to join the heist so her morals are a bit questionable too.


6. Raquel/Lisbon

This uncompromising inspector made us and the professor fall in love with her in the first heist. But let’s be honest – she is terrible at her job and is constantly distressed with constant drama surrounding her. It is unfortunate how she became a background character in the second heist where she distracts the professor more than help him.


5. Alicia

She may have worked for the other side but you can’t help but root for her. Her character is full of dimension! She is a bubbly but savage pregnant torturer that outwits the police force who turned against her. We don’t know what her next move is but you can bet it will work out with her determination!


4. Helsinki

He is the supportive friend we all love and need. He always does what is best for the plan. No wonder why Nairobi loved him!


3. Berlin

He has charisma like no other! Yes, he may be very hard-headed – one minute throwing Tokyo out on a stretcher but is ultimately extremely selfless, the next, giving up his life to save the others at the end. When the group finds out he has a terminal illness, instead of throwing a pity party – he pours them a glass of wine to celebrate the heist instead. Berlin inspires us to live in the moment and to live with a purpose!


2. Nairobi

There is nothing not to love about Nairobi! She stands up for what is right, encourages everyone to reach their full potential, and leads the group to succeed. She may be tough on the outside but on the inside she has a soft spot for romance and her son. Her death had audiences in tears. We will miss the mother of the matriarchy!

Nairobi Money Heist


1. The Professor

The mastermind of the plan. He is as Tokyo puts it, the guardian angel, who always thinks ahead. We can’t help but admire his intelligence and how level-headed he is throughout the heist. Without him, the heist would have never happened!

The Professor Money Heist

Who is your favourite character on Money Heist?

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