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5 Amazing Tips and Tricks to Enhance your Disney Plus Experience

Today, we are listing five amazing tips and tricks for Disney+ that will make your streaming experience better.



Disney+ Tips And Tricks
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Disney plus is one of the most affordable video streaming services. At a monthly subscription cost of just $6.99, you can access lots of exciting content that’s available for the young and the old. Disney plus is accessible via Android and iOS applications. You can also stream online or use devices such as Xbox One, Chromecast, Apple TV, and PlayStation 4 to tune in.

With the holy grail of content available on this service for subscribers in 13 regions, you could use some hacks and tricks that will help you know what to look for, and how to watch it. In this post, we present to you the best hacks needed for a better Disney plus experience.

5 tips and tricks to enhance your Disney plus streaming experience

1. Personalizing subtitles

Most streaming services give their users several options for language and audio. However, the level of personalization allowed by Disney plus is striking. In addition to choosing your preferred subtitle language, you can also change other details such as font, text colour, and background to your liking.
To do this, select the subtitles icon on the active screen of your favourite show, hit the settings icon to display all the customizing options available.

2. Stream with a VPN

Despite its popularity, exclusive shows, and excellent streaming, Disney plus is not available everywhere in the world. Even with an active account and subscription, you may not be able to access these amazing shows while travelling or living outside the 13 regions where Disney plus is available.

Fortunately, by connecting to a strategic VPN server location within the unrestricted regions, you can continue streaming your favourite content from anywhere in the world.

3. Set up parental controls

You can also enable parental controls by setting up different accounts for different users in the house. To prevent your children from accessing unsuitable content, create a kids profile. With this, every time they are streaming content on Disney plus, their homepages will be filled with age-appropriate content like frozen 2 and the Mandalorian.

4. Watch deleted scenes

Did you miss something from your favourite show on Disney plus? No worries, head to the Extras section on the show’s landing page and navigate through for the deleted scenes and many other exciting details about a film or the TV show.

5. Download your favourite shows for offline viewing

As is the case with other streaming services like Netflix, you can also download Disney plus content on your PC, smartphone, or tablet for offline viewing. To do this, look for the download icon that appears next to the watchlist button.

All downloads appear on the ‘downloads’ section, and you can initiate many downloads of the same content. To continue accessing downloads, you must connect to the Disney servers at least once per 30 days. With Disney plus, you can download all feature-length entertainment, including movies and documentaries.


Disney plus has hundreds of films, TV shows and documentaries. Whether you are new or seeking to streamline your experience, implementing the tips and tricks shared above will ease your way into getting the most out of Disney plus.

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