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Creative Guide On How To Become Lara Jean By Lana Condor



Lara Jean Lana Condor

During this social distancing times, Lana Condor is proving her internet video reach goes way beyond Netflix. Recently, the actor has been having fun with TikTok challenges and posting to her YouTube channel, where she just uploaded an inside look at how you can basically transform into Lara Jean Covey, her character from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and sequels.

In the video, Lana lays out 10 steps to follow if you want to have a full Lara Jean transformation. She starts by offering a few basics: first, watch the movies, which, done (more than twice). Next, have long hair — wigs and extensions are allowed, but Lana wants it on the record that the hair in the first movie was, in fact, her own. Then, and this is where we get really interested, get the Lara Jean makeup look.

Throughout the first two movies, Lara Jean’s makeup shifts considerably. While To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before-era Lara usually opted for a no-makeup or minimal makeup look, P.S. I Still Love You Lara is all about exploring her options. A big part of this new beauty look involves lips that “look kissed,” which Lara says was accomplished using lip stains. She follows that up with “lots of blush because blush is beautiful and youthful.”

But Lana insists that the most notable Lara Jean beauty trait can be found around the eyes. “The biggest thing is eyelashes,” she says. “Lara Jean has beautiful, beautiful, flirty, flirty eyelashes. That’s a major component to Lara Jean’s look.”

For the sequel, Lana notes, a few more elements were added to Lara Jean’s beauty routine including a round of black eyeliner. “We incorporated soft, blown-out, black eyeliner turned smudgy wing,” Lana details. “She’s getting older. She’s wearing a little bit more makeup — but not a ton.”

If you’re just interested in the hits, Lana summarized Lara Jean’s look thusly: “Black, blown-out, smudgy eyeliner, a soft Korean lip tint, blush — because she’s constantly flustered — and wispy, flirty eyelashes.”

But that’s not all you’ll need if you’re trying to nab Lara Jean’s look. The video offers several more steps you must take before you can live the Lara Jean life, including upping your style game and, of course, stocking up on scrunchies. For the full list, watch the video below:

Source: TeenVogue

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