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Money Heist Director Calls Season 5 ‘the hardest battle’, Says ‘we wanted to give you the most exciting season of all’

Money Heist’s director and creator Jesús Colmenar left fans emotional as he took them down the memory lane of the Spanish crime-drama’s success story. The Netflix show recently wrapped up shooting for its fifth and final season.



Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist 5 has officially brought curtains down on its filming process. Announcing that the cast and crew of the Spanish crime-drama has wrapped up production entirely, director Jesús Colmenar left a heartfelt note on his Instagram handle, taking fans down the memory lane of the Netflix show’s success story following the initial ups and downs.

Jesús Colmenar conceptualised La Casa De Papel or Money Heist along with screenwriter Álex Pina around 2008. The long term collaborators set up their own production company, Vancouver Media, and Money Heist became their first joint project under the banner.

Ever since, Jesús Colmenar has been one of the main brains behind taking the heist drama forward, one season after another. Now, with its fifth season, also being its final one, Jesús Colmenar is as emotional, as its actors, who’ve also been bidding goodbye to the show since past few days as they wrapped their shooting.

Jesús Colmenar on Wednesday took to his Instagram profile and shared a click with cinematographer Migue Amoedo. In his caption, he said the show’s four-year-long journey changed their lives. Calling the fifth season “the biggest and the hardest” battle, he also assured that “we have fought it to the last breath.”

Actors Itziar Ituano and Jaime Lorente with Jesúz Colemaner, who plays Lisbon and Denver on the set of Money Heist. (Photo: Jessus Colemanar / Instagram)

Read the full note of Jesúz Colemaner in English here:

“It is impossible to explain what it feels like to finish La Casa De Papel. Because it is not just a series. It’s our house. Our family. Our battlefield. Our dream achieved. It’s hard to say goodbye to a four-year journey that has changed our lives, and in which we have given EVERYTHING: when we were small and when we were great, when we failed and when we succeeded, when we had almost nothing and when we had almost everything. The delivery was the same. The passion was the same. Forever. Until the end. And the end has come. And with him the awareness that we will never experience anything like it again. With me, forever, I take the best team that anyone can dream of and a cast of unrepeatable actors and actresses, who are already part of my family. The last battle has been the biggest and the hardest, and we have fought it to the last breath. Because we wanted to give you the most epic, most spectacular and most exciting season of all. The result is for you. And for us the journey. And without a doubt, colleagues, it has been worth it. P.D: @migusgreen, my friend, the one that we have bundled. #Yugoplastica #GlobalShow #Neoexpressionism #SomosLaResistencia #LaCasaDePapel #MoneyHeist @vancouvermediaproducciones @netflix #BelaCiao!”

La Casa de Papel (The Paper House) first debuted on Spanish television in 2017. Despite a good start, the show experienced a drop in ratings, eventually being declared a failure by the end of its first season. Netflix then acquired its rights, cutting its original 15 episodes into 22 short ones and placing it on the list of international shows under the name Money Heist.

Soon, Money Heist caught the attention of the audience and started topping the charts. In no time, it became so popular worldwide that Netflix renewed it for its second season, bringing back the original cast and crew on the set, which its members had never expected, the failure of the first season after.

Netflix beat its fifth and final season in July last year, and the show went on floors in August. However, it was delayed due to the outbreak of the coronovirus epidemic. Money Heist 5 was previously expected to be released around April-May 2021. but, Netflix recently confirmed It has been pushed and will now come in the last quarter of the year.

Money Heist made stars out of his Spanish actors including istlvaro Morte, outrsula Corberó, Itziar Ituño, Pedro Alonso, Alba Flores, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo and others. The plot revolves around Sergio Maracina aka The Professor, a mastermind who gathers a gang to rob a criminal, first the royal mint of Spain (season 1-2) and later the Bank of Spain (season 3-5).

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