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Netflix Set To Collaborates With Train to Busan Director For The Horror Series ‘Hellbound’

Netflix plans to work with Train to Busan director Yeon Sanghou to make the horror series Hellbound.



Train to Busan Director

Yeon Sang-ho, a Korean director and writer who attracted a lot of attention in 2016 with Train to Busan, now intends to continue working with Netflix to make a horror series called Hellbound.

The ‘Hellbound’ series, based on a webcast (a kind of comic that is published on the Internet) of Korea called Hell, is about surviving in a chaotic society where a group of supernatural beings are trying to take people to hell. However, a new religious group believes that these creatures were created on the basis of divine destiny. In such a situation, ordinary people should try to survive and get rid of the situation. In general, the adventures of this series are about people who are struggling with an unprecedented social turmoil.

To write the story of the Hellbound series, Yeon collaborates with a Korean illustrator named Choi Gyu-seok, who has worked on the Songgot, a TV drama series in 2015. The Hellbound series will be produced by the Korean studio Lezhin Studio.

Train to Busan Movie

The release of Train to Busan in 2016 is a big turning point in Yeon ‘s artistic career. The film tells the story of passengers on a train traveling to Busan. But the zombies had taken over the whole country and were trying to destroy the passengers of this train.

Yeon after the film Train to Busan that many international admirers brought him, in 2018, made the Psychokinesis superhero movie that critics once again was very good scores. Yeon who is already on our radar these days plans to return to the horror action genre with the Train to Busan sequel, Peninsula, currently set to release in South Korea in August (about four months from now).

In addition to the Hellbound horror series, Netflix is ​​producing another Korean series based on the zombie web-centric All of Us Are Dead. We also recently heard Netflix has acquired the rights to release two new films, Enola Holmes and The Starling.

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