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Tom Hanks’ Health Status After Testing Positive To COVID-19

Sandra Hanks Benoiton, sister of Tom Hanks, has given an update of this beloved actor after contracting the Coronavirus.



Tom Hanks

Last week, sad news came out about the coronavirus infection with Tom Hanks and his wife. The two are currently under house quarantine.

When news broke, it signaled a bit of a shift in the way some people thought about the pandemic. For people in countries that hadn’t yet been widely affected, it suddenly wasn’t just something happening somewhere else — it was happening to people we “know.” The actors have been kind to keep fans up to date about their quarantining efforts. And now, Tom Hanks’ sister has offered her own update about his health.

Earlier this week, Sandra Hanks Benoiton revealed that she’d been in touch with her brother, and she offered a realistic, but still optimistic, view on his recovery to DailyMail.com:

I have communicated with my brother. He’s not great, but still okay. [Am I] shocked? No. He’s an actor, not a god [but] medical care in Australia is good.

On the other hand, Sandra Hanks and her family are in quarantine in the north of Venice, Italy while the whole country is in quarantine until April 1.

Now we’re good. Staying home is no problem for us and the people here are great. I’m very lucky to be here. The morale of the people is very high. However, the United States and the UK are not doing well.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson found out when they were in Australia to film the new Loremann movie, that they were infected with the COVID-19 Virus. Loreman’s new film has no name yet, and is set to tell the story of Elvis’ life. Fortunately, the couple do not need to be hospitalized and are currently under house quarantine. Last Tuesday, Hanks posted a post on his official Instagram page with the following explanation:

Friends! The good news: One week after my test was positive and while we were in a home quarantine, there was little change in symptoms. I have no fever. I fold my clothes, wash the dishes, and take a nap on the sofa. The bad news: My wife, Rita, has beaten me two times in a card game and is ahead of me by two points. I have learned not to spread veggie (a marmalade-style Australian breakfast) on bread. I traveled here with a typewriter, a device that I love very much. In this situation we are all together. Straighten the curve.

Due to problems, Elvis’s autobiography has been suspended until Hanks is fully recovered. The film is scheduled for release next fall.

We also hope that Tom Hanks and all those affected by the virus will recover soon.

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