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Top 20 Savagery Memes on Instagram and Twitter



Top 20 Savagery Meme on Instagram (compiled by PlushNg).

Nigeria is getting heated up daily by political, religious and maybe ethnical problems but; thanks to music, movies and memes that has kept the heat cold…

Talking about memes, PlushNg had to go down to compile top 20 memes that has kept our ribs apart for some time now, and thanks to other blogs and media on Instagram that made it known to us.

We would start the count from number 20 to the 1st on the list.

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Let’s go!

Number 20 on the list is:

This one is very synonymous to eveyone; trust me, it happened to you today!

Number 19 goes to:

Lol… I see this in most paties in lagos.


Lol! This one provokes everyone…at any mood too.


You get? Lol…


This might hurt the ladies a bit… I mean: it will hurt their ribs when laughing.


…to be continued

Daniel Ralphael Ojedor is a poet, actor, dancer, script writer and video editor. He has written so many poems and short registers for so many groups like RAREGISTARS, Poets in Nigeria, NaijaEmirates, Metamoforces, Campus Torch Magazines and Lots more. He has a diploma in Mass Communication.He detests racism and injustice; his poems "53 seconds", and "If I was the president" says so.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Naija Emirates

    October 11, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    But y na

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