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What to Expect in the BBNaija House?



BBNaija house

BBNaija house

The doors to BBNaija Season Four has officially opened.

While we anticipate the fiery elements that will make up the hottest Season yet, here’s our collection of the best features that spiced up the last Season:

The BB Throne

We can all agree that Tobi was ‘Double Wahala’ Head of House King. We can also bet that Housemates can testify that nothing in the House tastes as good as earning the privilege of sitting on the green chair.

Now the question is – what color will Big Brother paint his throne this Season?

The Steamy Jacuzzi Moments


At the initial phase of the game, the ‘Double Wahala’ Housemates took advantage of this amenity by forming bonds around Angel’s guitar or just staring at the hot bodies lazing around (we see you, Tobi and Miracle). Although for some reason, the Housemates were fond of participating in games that did not involve uncovering the Jacuzzi sheets. Perhaps due to the early pairing and romantic games? We reckon that these incoming Housemates will make use of the jacuzzi to help cool off their spirits after anticipated heated moments.

Face Masks off in the Diary Room

One thing we usually look forward to is the moments of truth that will be revealed in this sacred room while of course seeing Housemates in their truest forms. Ranging from the meltdowns to the mix of emotions or should we say a burst of emotions, Big Brother is always offering a listening ear.

Cuddling Spaces

Heated Games, late night confessions, giggles, cuddles, gossips and of course sleep. These are the things the Housemates usually looked forward to as they climbed their beds, and we can’t wait to see how this general-purpose room will serve the incoming Housemates this Season.

The Multipurpose Galaxy

From chopping to sprinkling spices, to food wars, to gossiping about fellow Housemates – the ‘Double Wahala’ Housemates seemed to find the kitchen as a versatile playground.

The Saturday Groove Spot

After the reggae, play the blues. We can all agree that the Saturday Night Parties are always a must-watch in the Big Brother House. The themes, the flowing booze, the dance moves (we see you Alex) and of course the DJ for each night are always a thing to look forward to, as Housemates let loose on the dancefloor.

The Arena Games Championship Title

Ready, set, go!

Seeing that the Housemates were always ready to take on every Friday Arena Games challenge – through their sweat, tears, and grumbles, we can’t wait to see the Games Biggie has up his sleeves for this Season’s Housemates.

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