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Beauty crimes!



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Hey guys, today I’ll be pointing out makeup crimes that really have to stop.

1. Overly dark brows: Using a dark or near black shade of brown filler to ‘paint’ your eyebrows is indeed a makeup crime. Instead use a soft, dark brown shade to fill in your brows.

Do not do this.

2. Extremely thin eyebrows: Extremely thin eyebrows give an odd and harsh look to your face, it also looks very unnatural. Instead try grooming and shaping your brows following your natural brow shape and size. For more tips on grooming and shaping your brows check out my personal beauty & fashion blog by clicking this link:


Just focusing on your face: we have all seen girls at some point or the other with perfectly made-up face but always forget their ears and neck making their face look ‘the odd piece out’. Remember to blend in your makeup with your neck and ears and choose a foundation shade that matches your skin tone.

3. Bold eyes plus bold lips: Having bold eye makeup and bold lips at the same time,is just a lot of drama on your face. Instead when you go for a bold lip color, keep your eye makeup subtle and vice versa.

4. Too light concealer: Using too light concealer is a huge makeup mistake. It makes your face look like you highlighted areas you were supposed to conceal. Make sure that your concealer is not more than two shades lighter than your skin.

I hope to share more beauty tips on plushng subsequently.

You can also check out my personal beauty/fashion blog,link below:


Have a great Thursday..




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