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7-month-old baby breaks the internet with her amazing hair (Photos)



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We never thought we could be so jealous of a 7-month-old baby and yet, here we are. Baby Chanco was already boasting a full head of hair when she was born in Japan in December 2017 – and her mane’s only continued to grow.

Sporting cute bobbles, clips and bows, the baby’s Instagram feed is a hair diary, featuring adorable photos of the seven-month-old in her daily life.

As the tot grows as a viral sensation, her photos are getting more likes with recent photos receiving around 10,000 likes. Followers can’t believe the bouffant, visiting Baby Chanco’s feed from all around the world.

“She is so cute! Congratulations from Brazil,” writes one admirer.

“Why can’t I have volume like that? What is your secret?” asks another of the child.

While Baby Chanco’s voluminous hair is enviable there’s no promise it will remain this way into her adult years.

Due to hormones, some babies will be born with plenty of hair only to lose it in the following weeks. As for Baby Chanco, her hair may not be completely lost but it can change in texture and colour as she grows.

When it comes to ensuring a baby is born with a luscious head of locks, there’s no way to promise a full head of hair. With the major factors being genetics, ethnicity and hormones, it’s hard to tell if a baby will have hair at birth.

Not all hope is lost, however, there is a wives’ tale believed if a pregnant woman has heart burn their baby will be born with a full head of hair. Temporary pain for longterm gain?

See photos below:

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