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Ladies Get In Here :- This Are 4 Affordable Hair Styles You Can Try Out This Festive Season




With these 4 hairstyles, you need’nt break the bank and you can still look great.

Just like that the year is coming to an end and the festive holiday beckons.

One of the major things ladies spend money on during the yuletide season is hair, and for good reason too. Once a woman’s hair looks good, half the job is done.

But as every fashion savvy lady knows, good hair costs good money and we’re all about cost-effectiveness in Plushng.

This is why we’ve taken the time to curate 4 hairstyles any lady will look good in, but needn’t break the bank to achieve.

1. Braids

You had to see that coming.

Braids are one of the most affordable yet versatile hairstyles one can do. It also helps that getting it wet isn’t too much of a problem as it can easily be dried off without spoiling the style. This is particularly useful should you decide to visit the beach or the pool over the holiday.

Short box braids are very in now (Pinterest)

Whether you’re a long or short-braids loving girl, there are countless styles one can rock and still slay over the holiday.

Long braids are very versatile because they can be styled in different ways (Pinterest)


2. Cornrows

By cornrows, we refer to not just Ghana weaves, but also 2-braid cornrows.

Tiwa Savage is never shy of colour when it comes to her hair (Instagram)

Just like braids, corn rows are affordable, versatile and can be wet without fear of spoiling the hairstyle. Throw in some colour and beads to your cornrows and you can be sure that you’ll have all eyes on you at any event you’ll be showing up to.

Toolz and Mo Cheddah offer different options of cornrows aka Ghana weaving (Instagram)


3. High Bun

You know the December heat is not for the faint-hearted and what better way to wear one’s hair than in a high bun so you don’t have to deal with hair touching your body.

Adesua’s high hair bun for her bridal shower is definitely goals (Instagram)

In addition to being weather-friendly, it’s equally pocket-friendky and offers the need vavavoom effect needed for the yuletide season.

Mo Cheddah is equally adept at rocking a high hair bun (Instagram)


4. Crochet Braids

There are a thousand and one reasons why this is easily the most recommended option on the list but we’ll settle for 4.

Crotchet braid come in a range of options like these loose curls (Pinterest)

It’s affordable, reusable, can be wet without falling apart and best of all, is available in a wide range of options.

What’s not to love? So let’s get rocking ladies!

They come in curls too (YouTube)

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