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Hello ladies!

Beautiful Sunday to you! Today I’ll be talking about a fashion piece that’s been trending a lot more these days.

Turbans are beautiful headgears that beautify the wearers’ head and also compliments her dressing. Turbans are of different types and styles, most times it can be bought as an already made piece, other times it can also be made/tied using head scarves. Turbans are very versatile pieces.

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  • For a royal look choose a ‘Rajasthani’ turban, it is full of heavy embellishments.
  • For a modern and traditional look, opt for a ‘Tissue’ turban,it is lightweight and comfortable.
  • Looking for a turban that can be worn with formal attire? Then choose a ‘Banarasi’ turban.
  • For a chic, casual, fashionable and unique touch to your outfit, opt for a ‘Keski’ or ‘Marwari’ turban.

For some inspiration on how to dress with or style a turban yourself, See the pictures below:

For even more inspo, See the graphic below:

Have a beautiful and blessed week ahead!


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