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WaWu! JABU Student’s Brain Shifted and didn’t run mad



IMG 20180416 WA0017

My brain shifted and I didn't run mad

JABU students brain shift: a cloaer gaze

In the last few days, the university community of *Joseph Ayo Babalola University* has been in a state of unrest when a students brain was reported shifting

The incident happened when a student of the school reported to the medical that her brain is shifting

Actually, the girl has been known for lying and also walking with multiple of boys

Because of her numerous lies, she was called a tegry (someone that lies)

But, lets think of this thing, how will your brain shift and you will be able to think, how will you brain shift and you will view peoples status.

This is too much for *jabu* students…. She is therefore begged to reduce her lies and face her books

But its without doubt this has entered the history books and sure would linger in the minds of many. Meanwhile, i rest my pen for now.

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