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“My Son Must Do Yahoo-Yahoo”- Young Nigerian Dad Voice Out




A young Nigerian man has aired his owned to the yahoo saga and instead he bragged that his soon must get involved in cyber crime(Yahoo-Yahoo). The video was trailed with stern criticism as to why the young man wants to allow his Son do Yahoo-Yahoo.

The video clip which emerged on Instagram has been making rounds on social media, as he was very serious about his son getting involved in the Yahoo-Yahoo business.

In the clip, the man who resides in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital said: “My son must do yahoo. Even if he isn’t brilliant in school, once he knows the English to speak to the maga to make the maga pay, it’s okay.

“Even I, his father, am not brilliant. While in school, I was always getting “very poor, very poor, very poor” in all subjects. In fact, I got to SS3 on trial, from JSS 1.”

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