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How friends celebrates b’day for a lady…even to her breasts… Lol! (Photo)



Marking birthdays with champagne popped is great! But, how do you see this girl who didn’t only get the drink internet breasts, but hands too?
How friends celebrates b'day for a lady...even to her breasts... Lol! (Photo)
Is she to blame or friends?
PlushNg awaits your comments.. Thanks.

Daniel Ralphael Ojedor is a poet, actor, dancer, script writer and video editor. He has written so many poems and short registers for so many groups like RAREGISTARS, Poets in Nigeria, NaijaEmirates, Metamoforces, Campus Torch Magazines and Lots more. He has a diploma in Mass Communication. He detests racism and injustice; his poems "53 seconds", and "If I was the president" says so.

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