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Four Honest Truths About Your Friends. No.2 Will Shock You




Your Friend can be anyone,they(Friends) all have different personalities and various ways in relating with you which a times can motivate you or bring you down, I understand we have all been in the dark but I have good news for you as i will be telling  you some HONEST TRUTH ABOUT FRIENDSEnjoy!!!!

Friends can be grouped into four  and here’s the honest truth on how you feel about them:

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1. The ones that adds makes you smile:

Yeah, the one that adds definitely will put a smile on your face, i.e Positive influence from your friends brings you much Joy then at the end gives you a never ending Happiness, So if you have that friends that adds to you make sure you keep them as your friend because they will help a lot.

2. The ones that subtracts makes you sad:

Of course you will definitely have that bad belle friend who will always try to ruin things for you, this type of Friend might just be your friend because of what they can get from you or the positive influence you have among your friends and trust me they will love to see your downfall and act as if nothing is up. STAY AWAY FROM THEM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!!

3. The ones that multiplies makes you proud:

These ones are a must keep. They make you proud because they bring much more friends which you are happy with. They increase your cliche or what may seem to you as a group of Friends and definitely this will make you Proud of yourself for choosing such an intelligent friend that always make sure you never lack a thing by bringing people at your disposal. But you also have to be careful of the kind of Friends they bring in.

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4. Finally,the ones that divides, makes you mad:

So I have this friend who told me about his other friend that almost ruin the relationship with his best friend and other friends related to him. Its obvious that person in question that the person in question was set out to divide the cliche. This type of friends are more or less green Snakes in the green grass. They prove to be your good friend in front of you but stab you at the back.



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Ayomikun is a seasoned writer, poet, actor and drummer whose pen is mightier than the sword. He has written stories, poem, script for people and currently an author for Naijaemirates

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