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I Love Him But He Is Not Educated And Doesn’t Speak Good English, What Should I Do?



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I am in a relationship with this young man from the north, while I’m from the West. I think I love him and I know he loves me too.
“He cares about me and treats me well, though we have our arguments sometimes but we usually resolve them eventually.”

“The problem now is that he’s not that educated. According to him, he attended a polytechnic in the north but he has poor English speaking skills. He commits grammatical and pronunciation errors that my younger brother in SS3 cannot even commit.”
“However, he has a good job and some assets as well. He even has a house of his own. He’s smart and intelligent and his words are filled with wisdom.”
“He has been through a lot in life and he’s experienced. But the problem is this English.”
“As for me, I’m very educated and speak English well. I’ve been trying to cope with his English, hoping that with time, I’ll be able to rub-off on him and he’ll improve.”

“He has also indicated interest in furthering his education. Moreso, my parents are opposed, though not strongly, to my marrying a man from another tribe than mine.”
“Should I go ahead and marry him? I used to feel so irritated by his manner of speaking but as time went by, I was being tolerant and I feel I can teach and correct him too.”
“I just hope that in future, I will not feel frustrated and regretful for marrying a man like him. I hope he will not feel inferior and throw tantrums.”
“I hope he will not be over-possessive, thus limiting me from moving forward, maybe faster than him, in future. These are my doubts and fears.”

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Ayomikun is a seasoned writer, poet, actor and drummer whose pen is mightier than the sword. He has written stories, poem, script for people and currently an author for Naijaemirates

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