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Write-Up: These Days, These Wigs! By Dan Ralph



Dan Ralph is here with another sizzling piece that will make you readers crave for more of his writings. The young lad decided to do a piece on WIGS, According to him, He said:

“I was surfing Instagram last week and I saw that picture. I was lost in imagination instantly as I imagined how the girls those days didnt have the opportunity of wearing wigs or artificial hair. They made all the hair, manually. Imagine the pain; most times the smell that oozes out from between the legs of these hair makers (just like my mum once told me); the torture and time… All to last for a week or few more days… Our ladies are lucky to have modern saloons, wigs and artificial hair, today!”

Here is Dan Ralph’s with These Days; These Wigs!:

These Days; These Wigs

Remember those days I sat on the floor shedding tears, head tucked in between your laps… but my tears meant nothing, because the incessant odour from between your legs made me cry like I was slicing a bag of onions.

Remember those nights I sat on the floor, letting you weave wisdom into my head, I got a hard knock on my head if I fell asleep or bend in a position that stressed you… we sometimes got scared by sounds of crickets and ask if I heard; most times, I fell asleep till the sky turned blue!

Remember those afternoons I sat on the floor, letting you weave fear and beauty into my head, as you wove, the scorching sun made my new hair glitter more because of the Shea butter you plastered on my hair…

Today, I can’t bury my head in your laps, because:

I now wear hair like caps!

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