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Delta State government has no shame – Pat Utomi says in reaction to the viral video of Success



Political economist, Prof. Pat Utomi, while reacting to the viral Success‘s video, has described the government of Delta State as one that “has no shame.”

In a statement titled, “The Battle Line Issues,” Utomi said Success’ viral video exposed the level of decay in the educational system in the state and called on the government to prioritize key issues of governance which directly affected Deltans.

Utomi wrote:
“That all is not well with how Delta is governed has become clear with the Success resistance video; that story of the little girl who bravely said no more, with a steely determination.
“A little girl with gusto and sharp wit decided enough was enough. She had had enough with the collapsed education situation in Delta State. She was ready to be flogged till she was blue rather than be scammed yet again by the public school system in Delta State.
“You would expect shame to overcome the machinery of government in Delta for being incompetent to manage the school system as exposed by Success. But not the Delta State Government; they had become numb to shame or unable to understand the implication of the face-off Success had come to symbolise.
“Government officials instead, saw it as a Nollywood moment. As if it was one of those comedy skits filmed in Asaba, they began to fall over each other offering car gifts to the person who recorded the Success’ moment of rage.”

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