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Motorcyclist whose manhood disappeared, narrates his ordeal (video)



The motorcyclist whose manhood disappeared after he was touched by a man he grabbed afterwards, has narrated his experience.

Motorcyclist whose manhood disappeared narrates his ordeal plushng - Motorcyclist whose manhood disappeared, narrates his ordeal (video)

Recall that we reported that an Instagram user @sleeq2dabone, who shared the report wrote;

Be vigilant guys! It’s election period and a lot of bizarre things are happening. Just a few minutes ago, a bike man’s manhood disappeared after being touched by some random guy right in front of my office. Thank God for my intervention and that of those around. The culprit has been handed over to the police. Please spread the information to your loved ones. We are protected in Jesus name

However after the motorcyclist whose manhood which got restored after the random man touched him at Omole estate Phase 1, Lagos on Tuesday September 18th, he visited a hotel to test it. In the new video, he said;

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”That day,I just dropped a passenger along the road. The man approached me and said I should give him N20. I gave him and as he was about to go and buy groundnut across the road, he touched me. Immediately it was like they used electricity to shock me. My body just vibrated”.

@Sleeq2dabone who also shared the new video, wrote;

The guy whose manhood disappeared a few days ago got it back. Some doubted it actually happened but hear the victim himself tell his own story. . .PART 1



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