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Here Is How Much President Buhari Get Paid Every Month (See The Breakdown)



Here Is How Much President Buhari Get Paid Every Month (See The Breakdown)

Have you ever wondered what the salary of the president of Nigeria is? Would you like to be a president and would like to know the real salary earned by the Commander in Chief? Continue reading to find out!

How much is president of Nigeria Salary?

When Muhammadu Buhari came into office – one of his first decisions was to cut government expenditure. It affected not only the salaries of the deputies and government officers but also his own salary.

Muhammadu Buhari made the Nigerian president salary per month to be cut by 50%. The salary of his vice president was also cut into two.

What is the president of Nigeria annual salary?

It`s about fourteen million Naira. It means that Muhammadu Buhari takes home at least one million Naira every month. But do not forget that the president of Nigeria has other privileges from the government.

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It also includes various regular allowances, like hardship (approximately N1.8 million) and consistency (approximately N8.8 million) yearly.

Other regular allowances are also included, like;





Domestic staff;

Special assistant;

Personal Assistant;

These allowances are provided by the government. The president of Nigeria salary is not the only thing he receives from the government. He can also enjoy duty tour allowance, medical allowance, accommodation, and furniture.

President of Nigeria

It should be noted that Muhammadu Buhari cut his salary by two when he entered the office.

Therefore, the salary of the previous president was twice as much. If you include the price for one dollar during the time of the ex-president – you may also find out that the salary was several times bigger.


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