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Reno Omokri claims the viral photos of Aisha Buhari and Dolapo Osinbajo were delibrately staged



Here is what Reno Omokri has to say about this photo of Dolapo Osinbajo tying Aisha Buhari’s headgear.

Reno Omokri believes that this picture does not in any way depict humility. Read what he wrote about the picture on his IG page this afternoon.

”Sadly, many Nigerians will see this as humility. Others will see it and call it sisterly love. The truth is that this picture is all about dominance. It was deliberately staged and released to pass on a subliminal message to the public of where we all fit in in the grand scheme of things in Nigeria. In military psychological warfare, they call this mind programming.

Why are Nigerians are afraid to say unpopular truths? I refuse to be a second class citizen in a country where my region’s resources feed the entire nation. It will NEVER be accepted by me and my children. If I die, any of my lineage who accepts it should be struck off my family tree.